Incredible Space-Saving Wardrobe Design Ideas To Have Some Extra Room For Joy

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 30, 2024 | 9 mins read

Space saving wardrobes for small rooms

Save space and make more room for joy with these genius wardrobe design hacks!

Have you been struggling with space in your room? Are you tired of arranging things in the room so that you get some extra space to walk around? Trust us; we get the feeling. Modern-day apartments may be stylishly built but often have space issues. It is particularly true for cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. You cannot help the narrowness of your room; however, you can manage it well with the right furniture choices. Pieces like a couch and wardrobes take a lot of space in rooms, letting you have a significantly less open area.

Therefore, we bring you some ultimate space-saving wardrobe ideas for your room because, let’s face it, modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. And DesignCafe has come up with the most modern solutions for your small room dilemma. These are our space-saving wardrobe designs that will help you make some room for joy in your little haven!

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Modular Floor-To-Ceiling Wardrobe With TV Unit

Wardrobes are usually bedroom furniture. And bedrooms often come with a TV. Therefore, the right way to save some space in your room is by investing in a multifunctional wardrobe. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe comes with extra loft storage cabinets, smartly using the room’s vertical length. It comes with separate wardrobe sections with a TV unit in the middle. The TV unit also has cabinets that add extra storage to the room. This type of wardrobe will save a lot of space by letting you have multifunctional storage along with the added advantage of a TV section. The whole unit will keep your place clutter-free and organised, letting you have the rest of the space in the room.

Space-saving wardrobe design that has floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a TV unit
A modern bedroom design with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a TV unit

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A Theme-Inspired Space-Saving Wardrobe By The Door Way

Most rooms under-utilise the space near the doorway, which can be used craftily, just like in the picture below. This football-inspired wardrobe covers the doorway wall and creates the perfect space-saving wardrobe idea. The floor-to-ceiling closet has loft storage that adds extra storage units. The light-coloured lacquered finish of the wardrobe also adds a light, airy vibe to the room that looks more spacious. So, if you too have some space near your room’s door, use it for your wardrobe.

Space-saving wardrobe design that has football-inspired wardrobe theme
A peppy bedroom with a space-saving wardrobe design

Go For A Simple Two-Door Space-Saving Wardrobe For Your Study Room

Wardrobes don’t have to be giant. They also come in a subtle and plain design that takes a lot less space than the typical wardrobes. So, if you are a single occupant in a home or you need a wardrobe just for your stuff, you can go for this plain and rustic, old-school wardrobe. It will take minimum place and also add character to the room. This type of wardrobe is ideal for study rooms and home offices.

Space saving wardrobe design for a study room that has two-door wardrobe
A slim two-door wardrobe design for a study room

A Headboard Space-Saving Wardrobe With Dressing Unit

We all love beds with extravagant headboards. But these headboard beds take up a lot of space in the room. So we thought of solving this problem by fueling our love for dramatic headboards and creating this bed with a sliding door wardrobe headboard. The bed uses the lower part of the wardrobe as a headboard, while the upper part of the wardrobe exhibits a modern sliding wardrobe. The sliding doors save space compared to hinged door wardrobes. The wardrobes also have an attached dressing unit by the headboard side that saves extra space in the room.

A space saving wardrobe design that has a wardrobe on the bed's headboard
A contemporary bedroom with a wardrobe on the bed’s headboard

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A Glossy Finish Brown Sliding Door Wardrobe With An Attached Shelf And A Study Table

This space-saving wardrobe idea will not only give you extra room in your bedroom but also give you a multifunctional wardrobe. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe comes with loft storage that utilises the room’s vertical height and has an attached open shelf and a study/work desk unit. The open shelf works as a bookshelf that is quite handy if you are a bookworm. The attached study unit helps in saving more space in the room. Thus, the overall wardrobe unit fulfils three different functions without endangering the free space in your room.

A space-saving wardrobe design that has a lavish floor-to-ceiling glossy finish wardrobe
A lavish floor-to-ceiling glossy finish wardrobe with an attached shelf and study table
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Wardrobes With Mirrors Can Multiply Your Room’s Space

If you have a small room, you can trick the room’s perception by using mirrors or any reflecting surfaces. Our space-saving wardrobe design idealist has included this rustic floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with two big mirrors. This wardrobe with attached mirrors saves space for a separate dressing unit, and the mirrors help create an illusion of extra space in the room. So, go ahead and get some mirrors on your wardrobes. However, make sure that you use big mirrors because a mirror that’s too small might make your room look like a narrow cave. Therefore, you would need to pay attention to the mirror size and also the design.

A space-saving wardrobe with attached large mirrors helps create an illusion of extra space in the bedroom.
A rustic bedroom wardrobe with large mirrors

Why Not Go With This Multipurpose Wardrobe With A Murphy Bed?

Multipurpose wardrobes are the best way to save space in your small bedroom. And this one here is a total saviour. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe comes with a fully covered glass front that creates the perfect extra space illusion in the room. Besides the reflecting plus point, the wardrobe also comes with a pull-down Murphy bed section under its loft storage cabinets that can be extremely helpful in small rooms. When not in use, you can pull up the bed and have extra space in the room. The space-saving wardrobe design uses the bed sidewall and creates the perfect modular solution to keep the place spacious and clutter-free.

A multifunctional space-saving wardrobe with a Murphy bed creates the perfect space-saving wardrobe idea.
A bedroom with a space-saving multifunctional wardrobe with a Murphy bed

A Space-Saving Wardrobe Design That Blends With The Room’s Interior

Design is all about smartly utilising spaces. In this picture, you can see how the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is designed to match the room’s other details. This way, the wardrobe will be camouflaged in the room’s interiors and not strike out as an independent furniture unit. This subtle blending of interior design creates a uniform semblance in the room, making it look spacious and organised. The wardrobe’s attached mirror also adds to the space-saving design idea. You can also use such a design hack by colouring the wardrobe with the surrounding wall colour.

A space-saving wardrobe design with attached mirror that completely blends with the bedroom's interior.
A space-saving bedroom wardrobe that blends with the bedroom interiors

Utilise The Surrounding To Come Up With A Great Space-Saving Wardrobe Design Idea

Most bedrooms come with an attached bathroom, and usually, the all-around bathroom door remains unused. This is your chance to save some space in your bedroom by designing a wardrobe that occupies the bathroom wall. In the picture, you can see how the wardrobes surround the wall around the bathroom door, totally utilising the area without endangering the free space in the room. The wardrobe also has loft storage with a minimum footprint in the room, letting you have the rest of the room open.

A space-saving wardrobe design that has smartly designed glossy finish, built-in wardrobe
A smartly designed bedroom wardrobe to save space

Pep Up Your Bedroom With This Frosted Glass Front Space-Saving Wardrobe Design

Using a frosted glass front wardrobe can really glam up your room. Besides adding an elegant appearance to the room, the wardrobe also adds a lot of conveniences. The frosted glass gives a semi-transparent vibe that lets you see through the content in the cabinets, so in a way, you can just stand in front of it and visualise what you are going to wear without opening the closet. Also, the wardrobe comes with sliding doors that are immensely helpful in saving space than hinged doors. So, if you are up for a semi-transparent wardrobe, this can be the ideal design for you.

A space-saving wardrobe with a frosted glass door in the modern bedroom creates a spacious look.
A semi-transparent wardrobe design for the bedroom

Save Space By Using A Wardrobe That Blends In With The Walls

Matching the wardrobe colour with your room’s walls can be the perfect design illusion for small rooms. As you can see, the white floor-to-ceiling wardrobe blends with walls as if it’s a part of the wall, creating the perfect built-in wardrobe image. The wardrobe also comes with narrow width and tall doors that add a minimalistic appearance to the room. The wardrobe also utilises the vertical height of the room with loft storages.

A space-saving wardrobe that blends in with the walls and has loft storages
A white floor-to-ceiling sleek wardrobe that blends with the room’s colour scheme

You Can Also Go With A Luxurious Bi-Fold Wardrobe With Dressing Unit

Most small rooms have furniture arrangement issues. Therefore, utilise the wall lengths to arrange all the furniture in the room. Like in this picture, you can see how this wall-length wardrobe covers one section of the room to create a clutter-free look. The wardrobe has bi-fold doors that save space compared to hinged doors. Besides, it also comes with a proper dressing unit that can be kept closed behind the wardrobe folding doors to create a clean look. The wardrobe’s white laminated front design acts as a reflective surface, creating a spacious aura in the room.

A Bi-fold space-saving wardrobe with a dressing unit that gives luxurious look to the room
A luxurious-looking bi-fold wardrobe to glam things up
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Add Some Extra Space With A Built-In Transparent Wardrobe

A built-in wardrobe is a perfect answer to your small room woes. It takes minimum room space and also looks good if appropriately designed. What we have here is a lavish, transparent glass front built-in wardrobe that looks exquisitely elegant. The tinted glass front adds a glamorous appeal to the room’s interiors and adds a spacious feel. The wardrobe also has built-in lighting that dramatically influences the surrounding. The lighting also helps to create an elevated chick look that will surely glam up your bedroom.

A space-saving wardrobe design that has a built-in transparent wardrobe to accentuate the bedroom's interior
A built-in transparent wardrobe that accentuates the bedroom’s interiors

Tip: Use light-coloured wardrobes to add a spacious look to your room because dark colours may make the place look crowded.

Space-saving wardrobes can be an ideal way of redefining spatial arrangements in your small rooms. Moreover, they are functional and can help rooms look clutter-free. So, always choose your wardrobe designs smartly, and if you need any assistance, we are always here for you!

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