6 Handy Hacks To Select The Best Space-Saving Home Office Desk

by Pallabi Bose | January 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

Space-saving desk for small space

Here are some tips to help you select the right space-saving office desk that suits your home.

Working from home has become almost every employee’s preferred mode of work in the post-pandemic era. Technological advancements have made working from home a more viable option for everyone. Hence, setting up a dedicated working space at home is now a necessity. But, not every home is built to incorporate a separate home office. This is where the space-saving desk comes in handy.

Most space-saving desks available in the market are not ergonomic and barely spacious. The ideal desk for your home office should be functional, attractive, and ergonomic. This is why we have listed some tips to help you choose the right space-saving desk for your home office.

Ensure That Your Space-Saving Work Table Has A Feature To Adjust The Height

An office desk should have a feature to adjust its height based on your height, be it a space-saving workstation or a standard office table. Your workstation should be set in a way that when you type on the keyboard, your arms and hands remain parallel to the ground. And you should have your feet flat on the floor.

Our smart coffee table with a hidden office desk is built with that aspect in mind. The height of the table can be easily adjusted based on your height when you are in a sitting position. It is a great way to put away work out of sight once done. This multipurpose modular coffee table can also be used as a dining table when not repurposed as an office table.

Space-saving work table cum coffee table with height adjustment
Space-saving work table cum coffee table in the centre of the living room
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Ensure Your Space-Saving Work Table Can Fit Into Any Space

If your home does not have ample space to set up a separate workstation, you need a space-saving study table that’s portable and foldable. The ones currently available in the market are quite heavy. The ideal space-saving desk should be small and narrow enough so that it can be moved to any room and any hallway. 

That’s why our designers invented this portable side table with a hidden office desk. It is compact and modest. No one will know there is a big study desk hidden until you pull it out. It also comes with storage space to stow away your work documents when not in use.

Space-saving desk cum side table in the living room
Space-saving desk furniture cum side table
Space-saving computer desk cum side table
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Choose A Material That Works For You

You should give special attention to the wood used to make your study table. Space-saving laptop tables made of softwoods like pine and birch are sleek but less resilient, and they readily damage and blemish. On the other hand, hardwoods like oak, teak, rosewood, and maple are durable but expensive, which is why many people are turning toward modular options made of MDF or plywood. 

These materials come in various textures and colours. You can easily get it customised with a dark brown veneer finish if you like the richness of hardwood. Take a cue from this space-saving foldable study table that gets stowed away seamlessly into the wall cabinet. It even has a dedicated slot to keep your desk light.

Space-saving laptop table, which is wall-mounted and foldable
Folding wall table for small spaces finishes in a dark brown veneer
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Ensure Your Space-Saving Workstation Offers Sufficient Surface Area

Is it enough to put your laptop and a water bottle on your study table? Do you require storage for files, folders, pin-ups, images, and plants? Consider a pull-out space-saving study table, which gives greater surface area when needed but can be tucked away when not.

The desk shown in the image below is an excellent example of an ultimate space-saving workstation. It is perfect if you need to expand your work surface. It is so seamless that no one can expect the simple study table can be transformed into an executive-style desk.

Pull-out executive-style space-saving workstation desk attached to bookshelf
Executive-style space-saving workstation attached to the bookshelf against a brick wall
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Swap Your Existing Furniture With A Modular Statement Piece

Multipurpose furniture is a great way to utilise the existing space and save valuable floor space smartly. If you are living in a compact apartment, consider switching your existing civil furniture with multipurpose modular units. They are not only visually striking but also save space.

Take the TV unit shown in the image below. It includes a dedicated space to install the TV, bottom drawers, open shelves on top, and a floating space-saving home office desk. The TV section and office desk are separated by a partition and can be covered with a sliding door.

Space-saving computer desk cum hidden tv unit separated by a partition and covered with a sliding door
Tv unit cum space-saving computer desk separated by a partition and covered with a sliding door
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Using A Bedroom Corner For A Space-Saving Workstation

Don’t have an additional room to turn into a home office? Then turn the awkward space in your bedroom into a built-in corner office desk. With seamless shutters, this kind of office unit gives the impression of a cupboard when closed. It has numerous storage options and a folding desk. It has ample space to keep all your work-related documents, gadgets, laptop, stationery, plants, and more.

Corner space-saving workstation in the bedroom
Corner hidden space-saving workstation in the bedroom with doors
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We hope these tips help you create a space-saving workstation at your home. If you want to build a fabulous, unique and space-saving office desk for your home, be sure to contact our DesignCafe experts. We can help you create a modular space-saving study table based on your taste and needs. Additionally, we can design the rest of your home to meet your style. For some more home interiors inspiration boost, check out our blog section.

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