The Future of Quartz Stone in Interior Design

by Juhi Advani | April 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Use of quartz stone in transforming the kitchen

Quartz Stone – Transforming spaces, one surface at a time!

In the symphony of stones, quartz takes the lead, bringing luxury and durability to the interiors of your home. From kitchen countertops to backsplash, quartz stone has become a trend followed by every new homeowner looking to make a long-term, wise investment. Its popularity is not just a passing fad. The demand for quartz stone is soaring, reshaping how we experience our living spaces. Let’s dive in!

A Culinary Haven: Quartz Stone for Kitchen Platforms

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and quartz stone is becoming the canvas for culinary artistry—especially on countertops. Quartz platforms offer durability and an opulent look. Plus, this stone impresses with its resistance to stains and scratches. With a spectrum of colours available, it easily integrates with various kitchen elements, crafting a beautiful kitchen. 

Quartz stone for kitchen platforms, which offers durability and an opulent look
Quartz stone for kitchen platform

Kitchen Quartz Stone for Backsplash Goals

Another excellent way to use quartz is on the kitchen backsplash. This way, you can elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. The durability of quartz and its vast colour choices make it ideal for protecting and enhancing the walls. Create a seamless design flow, transforming your culinary space into a stylish and cohesive space.

Quartz stone for kitchen backsplash for a stylish look
Quartz backsplash- A stylish extension of your kitchen
Complete home interior solutions crafted with precision

The White Quartz Stone (Sink too!)

Clear quartz isn’t typically used as-is for kitchen platforms. In its natural state, clear quartz is often transformed into various colours, including white, black, and others, through a process called engineering manufacturing. During this process, pigments and resins are added to the stone, allowing for a broad spectrum of colours and textures. This engineered quartz is then shaped into slabs suitable for kitchen platforms! 

White quartz stone is very luxurious and clean-looking. The platform easily brightens up your kitchen space. Check out this white quartz countertop with an in-built quartz sink that offers a clean and airy feel, making the kitchen more spacious and inviting.

White quartz stone for your kitchen for a luxurious and clean look
Choose different quartz colours according to your kitchen aesthetics

Black Quartz Stone for Kitchen Platform 

Black quartz is the kitchen superhero that easily blends style and practicality. A smooth black slab in the kitchen with a matching quartz sink makes spills a breeze to handle. Thanks to its non-porous nature, the dark stone ensures a hygienic and odour-free cooking experience, allowing you to cook with confidence. And let’s not forget this dark colour brings drama while quartz brings luxury. Usher in a stunning kitchen transformation with a gorgeous black quartz countertop!

Black quartz stone for kitchen platform, which is a blend of style and practicality
The bold elegance of black

Quartz Stone Benefits 

  • Aesthetics: With a broad spectrum of colours and patterns, create a luxurious and visually appealing cooking space.
  • Durability: This stone is highly resistant to stains and scratches.
  • Hygienic Surface: Non-porous nature ensures a clean and germ-free environment, which is ideal for food preparation areas. 
  • Integration: Easily integrates into various kitchen elements, fostering a cohesive design.
  • Maintenance: Wipe away spills effortlessly without worrying about long-term damage.
  • Heat and Scratch Resistance: Withstand high temperatures, making it suitable near stovetops.
  • Increased Home Value: Quartz adds value to your home, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers.
Benefits of quartz stone for your luxurious kitchen aesthetics
Quartz countertop benefits your luxurious kitchen
Revive your home with modern and affordable home interiors!

Quartz Stone Price

Luxurious quartz stone is a bit expensive because it is more visually appealing and offers a range of designs, colours, and patterns to suit every home and preference. Currently, one quartz stone slab costs around 25-30k. However, how much to buy and which one to buy depends significantly on the place, needs, and interior preferences. 

Pricing of quartz stone used in kitchens for every budget
Quartz stone options for every budget!


Impressed by the magic of quartz? Investing in your home interiors is a decision not made every day or even every few years! It is wise to invest in things that yield long-term returns. As interior design experts, we are confident that incorporating quartz stone into your home interior project will elevate your living experience, creating a home that symbolises comfort, luxury, and modernity!

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FAQs On Use Of Quartz Stone In Interiors

Can quartz stone be used for flooring in interior design?
Yes, quartz stone is an excellent choice for flooring, offering durability and timeless elegance.

Is quartz stone suitable for high-traffic areas in interior spaces?
Yes, quartz’s exceptional durability allows it to thrive in high-traffic areas. Whether it’s the bustling kitchen or other living spaces, quartz maintains its aesthetic appeal and lasting resilience.

How does quartz stone perform in terms of scratch and stain resistance?
Quartz stone boasts remarkable scratch and stain resistance, ensuring a long-lasting and clean kitchen surface. You will get the beauty of quartz without worrying about scratches or stains, even with daily use and occasional spills.

How does quartz stone compare to granite and marble in terms of durability?
Quartz stone surpasses both granite and marble in terms of durability. While granite and marble may require sealing and are susceptible to scratches, quartz is non-porous, scratch-resistant, and doesn’t require sealing.

Can quartz stone be used for fireplace surrounds or mantels?
Certainly! Quartz stone is an excellent choice for fireplace surrounds and mantels. Its heat-resistant properties make it ideal for such applications, ensuring both style and functionality.

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