International Men’s Day: Design Ideas For Men’s Bedroom As Per His Likes And Interests

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 9, 2024 | 7 mins read

Men's room interior design ideas for international men's day

Make the man in your life feel special with these men’s bedroom ideas.

International Men’s Day is when we celebrate the positivity, love and care that men bring into our life, family and the world. It is also an opportunity to spread awareness about men’s mental health and well-being. Be it our father, brother, friend or partner — this day is all about appreciating them for their positive contribution to our lives. But when it comes to making them feel special, we seldom fall short of ideas because of the minimal gifting options available for men.

So, this International Men’s Day, we have come up with some thoughtful men’s room interior design ideas keeping in mind their lifestyle requirements and preferences. This way, they can come back to a space that makes them feel comforted and happy and where they can rejuvenate themselves physically and mentally. 

Men’s Bedroom: Innovative Men’s Wardrobe Design Ideas

  • Men’s Walk-In Closet With Modular Units: If you have a big bedroom, opt for a walk-in closet like the one shown in the image. This gives you and your partner a dedicated space to get ready in the comfort of your room. We have added a separate his and her section with smart storage sections like a pull-out unit for trousers, multiple drawers, open shelves, and a large hanger area to keep all the essentials in an organised manner.
  • Men’s Wardrobe With An Ironing Board: This iron board comes in handy for last-moment ironing to get rid of those annoying creases on collars and ties. You can simply pull out this board when required and put it back once the work is done. 
  • Minimalist Men’s Wardrobe With A Study Pull-Out: Working from the bed can lead to unnecessary health hazards like back and neck pain or lethargy, but most of us may not have enough space in our home for a separate study corner. This wardrobe with a study pull-out gives you a cosy study corner from where you can reply to work emails comfortably and say goodbye to bad working posture.
  • Men’s Drawer With Pre-Organisers: This drawer with organisers will help you keep all your expensive items like watches, sunglasses, belts and perfumes in an organised manner and keep your room clutter-free. It is an excellent addition to your father’s, brother’s or partner’s wardrobe.
Walk-in men's wardrobe in brown laminate
Men's wardrobe design with an iron board is best innovative furniture
Minimalist wardrobe for men with a study pull-out gives a cozy study corner on this international men's day
International men's day- men's wardrobe drawer with pre-organizers is hassle-free storage
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Beyond Men’s Bedroom: Home Office Ideas For Him

  • Spacious Desk For The Techie: If your partner loves working with multiple screens, this design is excellent for him. The spacious desk, minimal design and comfortable chair will help him concentrate and work for hours without straining his body.
  • Book Cabinet With Hidden Storage: Is the man of your house a bibliophile? Surprise him with a book cabinet with concealed storage in his home office. This book cabinet provides you with ample space to store and display all his books, and he can also use the drawers beneath for his essential documents and files. 
  • Home Office With A View: Tired of working from your bedroom? Try turning your balcony into a cosy home office for a refreshing work experience. You and your partner can work in this compact home office and take breaks between work to enjoy the outside view too.
Home office design ideas for men this international men's day with a spacious desk help concentrate
Men's home office ideas this men's day book cabinet with hidden storage provides ample storage
Home office ideas for him on international men's day office setup on balcony space with a view
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His Favourite Space: Men’s Room Design Ideas

  • Home Interiors For Gym Enthusiasts: A gym room is an excellent idea if you want to incorporate some healthy habits in your and your partner’s life. This gym room houses all the necessary equipment needed for a basic daily workout. We have also created a small study corner with a book cabinet and a recliner chair where you can enjoy leisure time on your rest day. 
  • Game Room For Men: Now, you can turn your bedroom into a gaming room with this innovative men’s bedroom design idea. Add an entertainment unit with a wall-mounted TV unit and floating shelves to keep all the gaming consoles. Add an ergonomic chair and beanbag or pouffes on the floor where he can enjoy his energising gaming sessions. 
  • Bar Setup In The Balcony: Host a happening party on your balcony to celebrate International Men’s Day and make your man feel special. A bar unit with concealed storage and two tall stools will instantly lift the mood of your balcony. You can also add a few floor cushions and pouffes for additional seating options. Complete the look with turf grass carpet and fairy lights.
GYM room design for him this men's day incorporated with a small study corner
Gaming cum men's bedroom ideas with tv unit and floating shelves
Bar setup on the balcony with floor sofa to celebrate International Men's Day
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Kitchen Design Ideas For Him

  • Kitchen With Pull-Out Breakfast Counter: Gone are the days when men would rarely enter the kitchen. In modern days, men and women share every workload equally inside or outside the house. Most men love cooking and feeding friends and family, just like the women of the house. So, a pull-out breakfast counter comes in handy where you can entertain your guests while preparing meals with your partner.
  • A Spacious Kitchen Layout: Opt for a spacious kitchen design like a parallel kitchen where you and your partner have enough space for free-flow movement. This will help you enjoy a pleasant cooking experience together. Opt for some modular storage mechanisms for clutter-free organisation of your kitchen utensils and pantry. 
  • A Dining Cum Card Table In The Kitchen: Turn your dining table or island kitchen into a gaming table where your partner can play board games with his friends while preparing delicious finger snacks for cocktail parties.
  • A Coffee Corner In Your Kitchen: Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with your partner while preparing breakfast together. Now, you can turn your breakfast counter into a coffee corner in no time. A small coffee machine on the breakfast counter and two tall chairs will do the job for you. You can also add a wall-mounted coffee cabinet to showcase your coffee cups, cookie jars and artefacts.
Men's kitchen design with pull-out breakfast counter
Parallel kitchen ideas for men this international men's day opt for storage mechanisms for a clutter-free organization
Men's kitchen ideas with dining cum card table for this international men's day
Men's kitchen ideas turn the breakfast counter into a coffee corner to enjoy a morning cup of coffee
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Level Up: Men’s Living Room Design Ideas

  • A Sofa Unit For A Comforting Vibe: The living room is the heart of our home. It is where we enjoy quality time with our friends and family. Add a comfortable sofa unit where you can enjoy your favourite movies or match with your partner.
  • A Bar Unit In Your Living Room: Add a modular bar unit in your living room and turn it into a multifunctional space where you can throw house parties for your partner. This is an excellent idea for home dwellers living in a compact apartment with no additional space or balcony for a separate party area.
  • An Entertainment Cum Home Office Setup: If you live in small apartments, multifunctional furniture is your best friend. This piece of furniture houses your TV unit and your home office setup seamlessly. Now your partner can attend work meetings and enjoy his match after work.
Men's living room design ideas this international men's day add a sofa unit for a comforting vibe
Men’s living room with bar unit to celebrate International men’s day
Men's living room ideas for this international men's day opt for a tv unit cum home office
Men’s living room with tv unit cum home office
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Want to surprise your partner with a personalised home interior design that matches their lifestyle perfectly? Book a consultation today and let our experts help you build your dream home. Our space-saving modular home interiors are designed to suit your preferences and budget while improving the comfort quotient of your home! So, what are you waiting for? Talk to our designers right away and get ready to make your dream home a reality. 

A Happy International Men’s Day to all the wonderful men out there!

FAQ on Men’s Room

1. What are some essential elements of a well-designed men’s room at home?

Essential elements for a well-designed men’s room include comfortable furniture, organised storage, good lighting, and interiors that reflect their personality and interests.

2. What colour schemes work best for a men’s room?

Neutral and earthy tones, deep blues, and dark greys work well for men’s rooms, creating a sophisticated and masculine ambience.

3. How can I make a small men’s room feel more spacious and functional?

To make a small men’s room feel more spacious and functional, use multi-purpose furniture, light colours, and proper organisation to maximise available space.

4. What are some ideas for decorating the walls in a men’s room?

Decorating the walls in a men’s room can involve adding framed artwork, sports memorabilia, or a minimalist wallpaper for men’s bedroom that complements the room’s style. 

5. What are some budget-friendly tips for designing a men’s room?

Budget-friendly tips for designing a men’s room include DIY projects, shopping for secondhand furniture, repurposing old furniture and choosing cost-effective decor and lighting solutions.

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