Thrifty And Trendy: 10 Low-Budget House Design Ideas

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 7, 2024 | 5 mins read

Low budget house design with stunning look

Home interiors in your budget!

The golden rule of home interiors recommends living with what you truly love.  After all, as Billy Baldwin says: “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” But how to do all of it when you want to keep it all under budget? We say that is doable without compromising on anything; take our word!

You must have certainly heard about low-budget simple house design. Though it is trendy, there is a misconception of it being too bland. That’s just not true! Despite cutting the corners of extravagance, one can still create a stunning home.

A bit of research, creativity and assistance of experts could turn a simple home into a luxe abode with low-budget house design ideas. Here’s presenting a list of some of the best low-budget home designs ideas to make the process easier for you. Take a look at them and plan an overhaul soon.

Trendy Wallpaper To Accentuate Your Low-Budget House Design

Wallpapers are some of the most affordable decor accessories that you can make the most of! The good news is that they are always in trend. They also come in a range of colours, textures, patterns and sizes — you can customise them as much as you like. Pick one for your home already?

A low-budget simple house design with wallpaper in the bedroom looks more timeless
Wallpapers make your home look more timeless, and they are pretty affordable
Complete end to end home interiors on a budget

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Pretty Partitions For Your Low Budget Small House Design

Convert that vintage folding table into a partition or line up a new one by going all DIY. Partitions also double up as an aesthetic accessory. All the more reason to pick it, especially when it fits in budget!

Low-budget house design in India with glass partitions double up as an aesthetic accessory
Vintage or glass, partitions always look stunning and make spaces distinct

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Wall Accents For Your Simple Low Budget House Design

Mirrors, metal plates — you could buy them cheaply from a thrift store. If your grandparents have passed some of them to you, then you are covered as well! Subtly show off these attractive wall accessories, win compliments and all of that without blowing a fortune, ha!

A simple low-budget house design with a wall accent makes the space prettier
Inherited stately mirrors or artefacts? Showcase them!
Low-cost Indian home design: Repurpose, plants, curtains, lights, cushions, rugs and gallery wall for budget style

Wall Art To Make Your Low Budget House Design Look Classy

Who says you need to be Picasso or Frida to paint up your wall? Look for eye-catching floral art or folk art on the internet and put paint out on your favourite wall. This design hack is absolutely low budget and will also help you in creatively slowing down during the designing process. So, when are you painting your wall then?

Low-budget small house interior design with wall art looks eye-catching
Go all doodlish and let your walls liven up

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Pop Of Colours In Your Low Budget House Design

Want to keep really within budget but not boring? How about letting your wall paint do all the magic? Highlight the window frames and opposite walls with peppy, bright wall paints. This low-budget house design idea is just ideal for studios and small apartments. Try it out and find yourself patting your back!

Low-budget house design in Indian with wall paint
Smartly splash wall paint combos across rooms and yet keep it all under budget
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Wall-Mounted Furniture To Save Up Floor Space

First things first: wall-mounted furniture pieces don’t cost a bomb! Second, they save so much space. Aren’t they good reasons to give wall-mounted furniture pieces some benefit of your aesthetic doubt? Get them made within your budget, and let them introduce style and structure to your home.

House design on a low budget with a space-saving wall-mounted tv unit
Save space and money by choosing light wall-mounted furniture

Bohemian House Design In Low Budget

Put all that Instagram and Pinterest inspiration to use: check out rustic furniture and lamps from the local stores. This way, you will support a local artisan and also design your home within budget. Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?

Low budget house designed with Bohemian decor brings a functional and stunning look
Functional and stunning, bohemian decor never burns a hole in your pocket

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Add Texture To Your Low Budget Simple House Design

A few strokes are all it takes to introduce sophistication to a space. Do just that by adding some texture to your plain walls. You can choose from various rustic or matte wall paints or align reclaimed wood panels — low budget, any day!

Low-budget new house designed plain wall with reclaimed wood panels
Line up extra wood panels on a wall and see its charm unravel

Liven Up Your Walls With Art And Decor

Posters, old paintings, fabric art — you can wall it all up without spending a dime or the least of it!  You can arrange a line-up of various art pieces and structure them into a story. How iconic does that look already! Don’t waste a minute more and go all artsy then.

Low-budget simple house design- arranging artwork and posters in the bedroom brings an iconic look
Pick up recycled artworks, posters and let them beautify your space

Simple Low Budget House Design With  Tropical Touch

Planters are an answer to all your low-budget decor dilemmas. Grow a green thumb, rekindle your love for pottery, ceramics and get some eye-soothing planters to your home. Smartly buy greens and planters all within your budget and let your guests keep eyeing them!

A low-budget house design for the living room with an indoor plant lends an eye-soothing look
Planters will beautifully fit in your budget — go shop them!

Low-budget house design is definitely practical and can be implemented for all types of homes. Let your creative juices flow with all the recommendations we have made for them. Do let us know which one is your favourite one? We look forward to assisting you in the same!

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