Level Up Your Home’s Creative Quotient With These Geometric Wall Painting Ideas

by Pooja Dara | February 10, 2024 | 6 mins read

Geometric wall designs with paint for your home

There’s no right or wrong way of doing geometric wall paint. And you definitely needn’t be a maths lover to embrace the beauty of geometric wall patterns! Get inspired by our collection of trendy geometric wall paints and kickstart the makeover. 

Geometric wall paint patterns have become a popular trend in the interior design space, the most recent being 3D geometric wall paint. Available in vibrant colours and shapes they help us to playfully break conventional design rules and easily transform boring rooms to eye-catching beauties. They also help us explore our artistic and creative senses in many ways to create walls that are self-sufficient points of attraction for any room. Symmetry, variation and repetition are indeed its three core elements. 

Beyond this, there are many other benefits of painting geometric patterns on walls:  

  1. You can quickly change them if you get bored with the design and plan on something new.
  2. You can easily create the pattern yourself (DIY) using a rough design blueprint, a stencil, colours and some additional tools. 
  3. It is comparatively less expensive than designer art projects and custom wallpapers as you can pick up all the necessary materials from your nearby local paint store.
  4. It exudes freshness and uniqueness into space and is visually appealing.
  5. It is versatile as there are plenty of shapes and sizes that you can experiment with to arrive at an ideal wall design. It looks natural both in mid-century and modern settings. 
  6. You can play around with multiple colour contrasts and shades. 
  7. It blends well with the walls and decor of the room, resulting in a spacious vibe.

How To Paint Geometric Designs On Walls? (Say, a geometric triangle)

Well, it’s pretty easy! Just follow the steps below and transform your room into a stunning product. You’ll need gloves/mask for protection, sandpaper, special stencils, tape measure, scissors/razor, pen/pencil, spray cans of the desired colours, painter/masking tape. 

Step 1 – Create a blueprint of the intended wall paint design on paper or on an illustrating software. 

Step 2 – Clean and repair the damages on the wall (if any) using sandpaper so that the surface is smooth and even.

Step 3 – Sketch out the geometric pattern on the wall using the pen, tape measure for actual dimensions and the required stencils. Put painter’s tape wherever needed to complete your pattern but make sure you create clean and even lines. 

Step 4 – Before you start painting the wall, cover the floor and other furniture items with old newspapers or cloth to avoid any kind of drippage and spray stains. 

Step 5 – Wear the gloves and masks, and start painting using the color spray cans. Prime and paint your accent wall with a base colour first and then move onto applying other colours. 

Step 6 – Keep completing the geometric wall pattern one section at a time. 

Step 7 – Once the first coat of paint is still drying off, apply the second coat to cover any kind of inconsistencies and unfinished lines. It will create a bolder and vivid look.  

Step 8 – When the final coat of paint dries, remove the tape, touch up and your final product is ready. 

In case you’re planning to paint a geometric design on some piece of furniture, worry not. 

You can use the same steps as above. However, remember to remove all fixtures and hardware first and then prep and prime the piece. Once you’re done with all the steps, put all those fixtures back or replace them with quirkier ones if you wish. 

We’ve also rounded up the most popular geometric wall paint patterns that homeowners are going gaga over.

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3D Triangles Wall Paint

This 3D Triangle Wall Paint gives unity and a unique flow to the master bedroom owing to its repetitive pattern across the wall. The varying shades of grey and white provide visual depth and lend a sleek look to space. The entire pattern is accentuated with the circular hanging lights.

Master bedroom has 3d triangle wall paint in varying shades of grey and white and lends a sleek look to space.

Converging Triangles Wall Paint

This yellow and grey converging triangles wall pattern looks absolutely mesmerising against the light wooden floor. The entire pattern is built from various corners and it all converges at one single point, thus becoming the focal point of attraction. In this case, it highlights the comfy armchair and coffee table.

Yellow and grey converging triangle wall paint patterns looks mesmerising against the light wooden floor.

Elongated Hexagon Wall Paint

Let this elongated concentric hexagon wall paint at the foyer become a conversation starter among your friends. It proves to be an ideal backdrop for stylish decor items to pop out such as the black decorative mirror on the top and the light brown cabinet below.

Foyer elongated hexagon wall paint with stylish decor items such as the black decorative mirror and light brown cabinet.

Ikat Geometric Wall Paint

This Ikat geometric wall paint presents an exciting yet subtle visual composition. It blends in perfectly with the dark hardwood floor and bright yellow sofa cum bed. Decorate your wall with multiple picture frames to create a pattern-within-pattern effect.

Ikat wall geometric painting blends in perfectly with multiple picture frames and bright yellow sofa cum bed.

Moroccan Geometric Wall Paint

This Moroccan geometric wall paint elegantly envelopes the dining room area and gives it a classic and majestic feel. It enhances the beauty of the space and complements the wooden furniture nicely. This print has always remained in style and will continue to be, isn’t it?

Moroccon geometric wall paint elegantly envelopes the dining room area and gives it a classic and majestic feel.
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Overlapping Octagons Wall Paint

Bring in comfort and warmth to this modern living room with this overlapping octagon wall pattern. It provides the ideal balance as an accent wall to the other solid colour walls. Insert a few reading lights, green plants, a long centre table, and sit back on black corner sofa reading your favourite books.

Overlapping octagon wall pattern blends with black corner sofa in the modern living room

Random Triangles Wall Paint

Who says asymmetry can’t be appealing? This random triangles wall pattern is the go-to-option for a kid’s bedroom. Arranged in a mix of various sizes and in a random order, this accent wall looks interesting and artistic. Add some industrial cage-style hanging lights and a standing ladder shelf to add more definition and character.

Random geometric triangle wall paint looks interesting and artistic with cage-style hanging lights in the bedroom.

York Lattice Geometric Wall Paint

This typical York lattice accent wall pattern painted in silver and white ooze earthiness into the study room’s interiors. The natural wood floating shelves instantly break the monotony while the picture frameset is a contemporary addition to the room.

York lattice accent wall geometric wall paint in silver and white ooze earthiness into the study room’s interiors.

All in all, geometric designs succeed at giving a refreshing look to your living space while keeping it warm and welcoming at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Get the ball rolling and give your home the perfect touch of style! We guarantee that you’ll enjoy the results doing it yourself. 

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