6 Entryway Table Design Ideas For A Warm Welcome To Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 5, 2024 | 4 mins read

Entryway table design ideas for your home

Functional and stylish entryway table design ideas for a wholesome welcome to your home.

Ever realised how you take that entryway table at your home for granted? You enter your home and drop your keys, office bag, shopping bags and anything else that you might manage to creatively carry in your hands onto the silent, sturdy support of the table, strategically placed to welcome you at the entrance. Friends or family making an unplanned visit? It’s the entryway table to your rescue when it comes to quickly tidying up your living room to make it presentable. Want to add a striking piece of decor to your lobby? Why not prop it on that entryway table too?

This one solid and striking piece of furniture right at the entrance of your home isn’t too different from that friend you can always depend upon. For those of you missing out on this crucial support system, here are six stunning contemporary entryway table design ideas for your home.

Entryway Table That Doubles Up As A Shoe Rack

This floating entryway console table is perfect to fit your family’s extensive shoe collection. Storing footwear can easily become a messy affair, but if you have a reliable table at the entrance with an in-built shoe rack, nothing like it! The tabletop is a perfect surface for adding themed decor, which you can easily change from time to time for a fresh new look.

A floating entryway table is positioned against a wall and features a built-in shoe rack
We love an entryway table with shoe storage options

Sleek Contemporary Entryway Table For Decor

Not all entryway tables are built for storage. Some prefer simply standing sleek and chic. This entryway table creates an ambience at your home’s entrance, along with the warm lighting and 3D wall decor. The table is minimal and strictly for aesthetic reasons, but you can always use the tabletop for key and wallet drops on your way in and out of the house.

Contemporary entryway table with warm lighting and 3D wall decor
An entryway table meant for aesthetic reasons only

Solid Entryway Table And Mirror Decor At The Entrance

There’s an innate charm about the classic entryway table and designer mirror combo. Here’s a fine example of a table installation that you can get for your home’s entrance. It features a solid wooden structure and a stone tabletop. It makes a great addition to your home’s storage space, while the tabletop is perfect for decorative plants, collectables and other decor. The designer mirrors above the entryway table are great for a quick moment of ‘reflection’! You can also place pouffes or stools on either side of the entryway table.

Black and white entryway table and the mirrors on the wall create a sophisticated ambience in the hallway
Solid entryway tables are a storage haven

A Complete Entryway Console Table

This is a pretty neat entryway console table for a small living room without a defined entrance lobby. The all-encompassing structure gives you a shoe rack, a set of drawers, two seats on either side with MORE storage, a cute little tabletop for decor and a large mirror to boot. We like how it complements the TV unit and the overall aesthetic of the living room.

An elegant living room showcasing a console table at the entryway, ideal for a small area
An entryway console table for a small living room

Sleek Entryway Table In A Niche Near The Entrance

The answer to whether you can fit a functional table at the entrance in a pretty small niche is — Yes, You Can! We love the neat contemporary design of this floating entryway table that’s built to never get in your way. The overhead cabinet for more storage and lighting is a huge plus.

A floating entryway table with storage and lighting is functional and aesthetically pleasing
A contemporary entryway table tucked into a niche

Modern Entryway Table With Drawers

Does the idea of “a chest of drawers” get you excited or are you normal? This minimal entryway table with an assortment of drawers gives you all the extra storage space your house needs around the entrance. The overhead shelf and metal handle make it a complete setup that covers all your functional and aesthetic needs. The slightly lower height of this entryway table also makes it a good fit for children since the shelf above can come in handy for a grown-up.

Room with white and brown wallpaper, sleek entryway table with minimalist design and drawers.
w\]098765ewqAn entryway can always do with a chest of drawers

There is no doubt that an entryway table serves multiple purposes, and serves them well. Every home, small or big, deserves to have its own kind of table at the entrance. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re selecting an entryway table for your home — the space available around your home entrance or lobby. Are you looking for an entryway table for storage, decor or both? Do you want a classic table at the entrance, a contemporary entryway table or something in between? Finally, don’t forget to match the material and colours of the entryway table with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

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