These Black Flooring Designs And Ideas For Your Home Will Have Your Floored!

by Shreya Bilagi | January 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

Black flooring design ideas for your home

Beloved black lovers time to awake! Design Cafe has some cool flooring designs in black you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Check them out.

Not many people for many reasons prefer the colour black, but those who love this colour are known to strive for power and control in life. They are often artistic and intuitive. Many people believe that black is not an auspicious colour, but for others, black is said to be super lucky. 

The black you have at home is not black enough? I’m sure it soon will be, take a quick read on black flooring designs and ideas for your home and find out more.

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The Bold And The Black

Let’s time travel a bit to the days of war. What why? Because the tub in the picture will remind you of olden days when they were not so popular but yet made a hit. Sure takes me back to the days my grandparents were born. This dark coloured bathroom is no less pretty than any other bathroom you see. If anything it is different. With black flooring as part of its interior design, this bathroom has walls painted in metallic black, a metal freestanding bathtub, and a bay window. Metallic black shiny flooring gives this bathroom a black makeover. It makes me feel smoky! Are you ready to get steamed?

Black floor tiles which is bold and black in colour with walls painted in metallic black flooring
A mystic black bathroom with indoor greenery makes you feel like you’re in the lap of nature

A Black Encounter With Bedroom Flooring Design

Time to take pride in loving the rich mystic colour black! There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re not a fan of the bold and bright. It’s all swell as long as it’s the colour of a dark night. Fancy a good a cuddle with your love or family in a dark bedroom with dark sheets with solid black tile flooring! Spooky and sassy at the same time, eh? Well, this gorgeous deep coloured tiled flooring is the icing on the cake to make a dark room look even darker. A quick realisation with floors like this is that it’s hard to spot dust and spills. So maybe you can cut some slack off on cleaning too often? Just kidding hygiene is a must, all we are trying to say is that if there is a stain it can merge in too to look like nothing ever happened.

Black marble floor tiles for your home in a dark bedroom with dark sheets with solid black tile flooring
Black tiled bedroom flooring with black walls looks enigmatic

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Let’s Get Stoned!

Love the feel of stone on your feet? Are you a barefoot trekker but miss out on trekking? Do you love the feel of rough stones rubbing against your bare feet? Ah, bliss ain’t it? Um hello, wakey wakey eggs and bakey! Time to come back to reality, we have a fix for you stone lovers. Check this living room out. It’s a spacious one and has big bay windows for light to seep in. Let’s not forget to take a look at this floor made from black stone floor tiles. Doesn’t it make you walk right over and give your feet a good stone feel?

Black flooring for your home with big bay windows and floor made from black stone floor tiles
A living room with stone tiles and an L shaped sofa – a perfect for those who love subtle sophistication

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Square It In Black

It’s a myth that a kitchen should be light in colour. People often prefer a white kitchen or sometimes white mixed with a pop of colour. Rarely will you see a kitchen with a dark coloured interior scheme. This exotic dark kitchen has a blend of white and rustic furniture. Walls painted in deep black and black square tiles complete the look. Let’s start brewing up a potion maybe? With indoor plants by the side and lots of natural sunlight, this kitchen gives you a picnic kind of feel.

Black granite flooring designs for living room in square with walls painted in deep black
A modern black kitchen with an earthy feel so you always feel like you’re at a picnic

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A Black Bottom Bathroom

Splish splash time for a bath! Everyone loves a good hot steamy bath! Imagine relaxing in your tub with scented candles, a book and bubbles above. This modern classic bathroom is a tone twist between white and black. This black tiled floored bathroom is designed with a simple dual shade look. Ceramic tiles are water and dustproof that give this bathroom floor a good life span.

Black floor tiles in a bathroom which is designed with a simple dual shade look
A bathroom with black flooring and classic white interiors is a combo that never goes out style

This was Designs Cafe’s take on black flooring designs and ideas for your home. Do you have a different take? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

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