6 Accent Wall Colour Options To Go With Grey Home Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 28, 2024 | 4 mins read

What color accent wall goes with grey

Upgrade your grey home interiors with these gorgeous accent wall colour options

Have you been thinking about what colour accent wall goes with grey? Let us tell you that you are on the right track. Grey paint and interiors can become a bit too bland if not tweaked with some vibrant colour combinations. However, it is not that easy. Depending on the kind of grey palette you have, accent wall colour becomes crucial. You see, going with a colour that doesn’t match the grey paint of your room may hamper your entire interior design theme. But no worries, we have come up with some foolproof accent wall colours that would look gorgeous with your grey paint interiors. 

Rustic Brick Colour Accent Wall With Grey

Think about a rustic brick accent wall if you want to add a hint of vibrant colour to your grey living room. The rustic brick colour imparts an instant vibrancy to the interiors — making the rest of the grey room appear bright and lively. You can use a wide accent wall or a vertical accent wall as shown. Team up the rustic brick wall with white to accentuate the liveliness of the interiors.

Rustic brick accent color for gray living room imparts an instant vibrancy to the interiors
An accent wall with a brick texture for grey interiors

Pale Pink Colour Accent Wall With Grey

Think pink! Yes, pink can be a great addition to your grey interiors. You can use the shade as a pop of colour to bring life to the grey interiors. Or you can use it on the accent wall. Although any shade of pink would look good with grey interiors, you can go with a pale shade of pink to match light grey interiors. The pale pink blends well with light grey paint, making a balanced interior setup for urban homes. If pale pink and light grey look too subtle, you can amp up the interiors with deep purple or maroon curtains, as shown.

Pale pink accent wall color with gray interiors blends well
Pale pink and light grey are a match made in heaven

Very Peri Colour Accent Wall With Grey

Very Peri is the Pantone colour of the year 2022. It is trending and coincidently looks amazing with a grey colour palette. So, if you are looking for a modern twist to your grey paint interiors, think about Very Peri! The colour has an innate upbeat appeal that perfectly matches the subtleness of grey. You can use this colour combination in your living area or study room. Try adding white and wooden furniture to match the Very Peri accent wall with grey interiors.

Very peri accent color go with gray paint interiors brings a modern twist
Very Peri gives grey a refreshing upgrade
Bored of your bare walls? Its time to reinvest your space!

White Colour Accent Wall With Grey

A classic choice to twist your grey interiors is white. Grey and white make a terrific combination that can never go wrong. You can use a white wall or a wooden panel design to act as the accent element for your grey home interiors. The colour white pops up beautifully against a grey background. You can also twist things up with some wooden panels on the grey walls, as shown.

White color accent wall goes with grey making a classic combination
White, grey and wood make a classic combination

Yellow Colour Accent Wall With Grey

Yellow is another great colour choice to create an accent design in grey interiors. The combination of yellow and grey was also the Pantone colour of 2021. While grey adds an elegant appeal to the interiors, yellow accent walls add a young and vibrant twist. Together, both the colours create a positive environment which is ideal for living rooms. Besides the yellow accent wall, you can also add the colour as a pop element in grey interiors to create harmony.

Yellow accent wall color with grey interiors adds a vibrant twist
Yellow and grey create a cheerful contrast

Red Colour Accent Wall With Grey

A unique combination with grey interiors is a red accent wall. Usually, when used in their deep shades, both colours may look dark for home interiors. However, if you have a spacious place and are looking for a unique interior style, a deep red accent wall with grey paint colour can look undeniably stylish and glamorous. You can also add black as a pop colour to red and grey interiors.

Red accent color goes with gray walls lending a unique interior style
Grey and red produce a dramatic effect

There you have it! Grey can be a great choice for home interiors. Provided you know the exact colours to team it up with. We hope our accent wall colours for grey rooms work well for your place. If not, let’s hear it from you and see what else can go with your grey rooms.

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