Elegant and Classy Hall Interior Design Ideas You’ll Love

by Ashish Rai | January 9, 2024 | 4 mins read

Interior design ideas for hall

Your hall is the most lived-in room of your home – design it well to create a fabulous first impression. We spend a lot of time in our halls or living room. This space needs to look elegant, functional and comfortable for family members, relatives or guests. Blending everything together and matching it to be perfect can be tricky. But that is where we come in. So, here are some interior designs for your hall you will want to steal. Keep reading for beautiful, stylish and simple interior designs for halls of any size.

Simple Interior Hall Design

When we say simple we do not imply designing your hall with plain and unattractive interiors. If space is an issue, every inch of your floor and walls must be utilised well into the interior design of your hall. A combination of wooden flooring, artificial lighting and minimalistic furniture will make your hall look expensive.

Interior design for hall where every inch of your floor and walls must be utilised in living hall design in simple
A minimalistic hall can be stylish and efficient with carefully chosen designs and materials.

A Sleek TV Unit Design For Hall

This sleek TV unit is a perfect fit for lounge or family rooms. This type of unit is easy to fit into any area and occupies less space – no guesses why they are a hot trend in apartment complexes. Bring in some LED strip lighting to brighten up your living room without going over the edge. In this unit we see a basic low lying cabinet that is great to store books, DVDs, CD players or any other small items.

TV unit design for hall where this type of unit is easy to fit into any area and occupies less space in the hall interior design
Mount your TV on the wall over an unattached cabinet for a clean sleek look
Looking to enliven your living room's interior designs?

Bring Fun To The Floor Of Your Hall

If your living room is styled with neutral palettes and enough artefacts it’s time to bring some spark to your flooring. Bright carpets or wooden flooring with patterns lends timeless elegance and a luxurious feel hall interiors. Smooth, polished, and topped with an artisan rug or a carpet, your floors will now look aesthetically pleasing.

Home hall design styled with neutral palettes and enough artefacts in the living hall
Add a coloured rug will increase the style quotient of your hall interiors
Hall interior design do's and don'ts - best practices for stylish and functional hallways

Cupboards In Your Living Room Hall

Now if you have a large hall or live in a studio apartment you can accommodate a closet. While this may be an atypical choice for some, closets in your living can add a great amount of style. It offers you more storage space be it for extra clothes, linen or crockery -stuff that you do not need everyday. A cupboard in your hall is particularly useful when you have lots of guests at home and need additional items.

Cupboard design for hall you have a large hall interior or live in a studio apartment
A cupboard in your hall will solve problems you didn’t know you had

Walls Matter In Your Living Hall Design

Your hall is complete and you’ve added furniture, lighting and decor but what about your walls? Walls play an integral role to give your hall interiors a complete look. Opt for a decorative wall hanging to bring in character and visual interest to your hall. You can also use tiles or wallpaper on the walls to balance spruce it up a bit. A light wooden panelled wall combined with a classic carpet and a brightly colourful sofa will change the vibe of your hall interiors completely. If your hall has a place for a mantle then a large sized mirror is a stunning addition for a bold look.

Wall painting designs for hall where walls play an integral role to give your hall interiors a complete look
Complete the look of your hall interiors with innovative ideas, DIY and eclectic decor

Good hall interior design is harmonious, elegant and makes for a space where you can relax and entertain your guests, unwind after work or be used as a dining space by incorporating a partition. If you need help or inspiration to design your hall interiors our team of expert designers from DesignCafe can help you. Do Visit us or leave your comments in the section below.

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Ashish Rai

Ashish Rai is a content writer at DesignCafe and believes that words have the power to change the world! He comes with five years of experience and has experimented with various roles including sales, a tourist guide, and ran a tattoo parlour too!

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