Dining Room False Ceiling Designs For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

false ceiling design for dining room

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If you love your dining space and want to pep it up a bit, then we have just the blog post for you! This blog post is all about dining room ceiling designs. You can make the place you dine the best in your home and add a lot to your gastronomic experience. To know more about how you can give your dining room a new makeover, read now!

A Touch Of Timber

If you are a fan of wooden work, then this dining room ceiling design is something you might want to consider to make your room really stand out. Take a look at the dining room ceiling, which is made using timber and glass — a perfect combination for the discerning. This dining room has wooden panel work on the ceiling with an intricate pattern delicately carved with a glass top. This dining room ceiling matches with the dining room interiors, which is perfect for those among you who have an artistic bent of mind. This dining room has a decorative light hanging down from the ceiling, which compliments the dining room decor and adds to the mood that is so essential to a great gastronomic experience. This dining room has a wooden dining table which can accommodate a family of four. It’s also great for having friends and family over for a meal! This dining room has a rustic touch which is perfect if you love the work of wood.

Dining room ceiling design made using timber and glass combination in an intricate pattern with hanging light looks rustic.
A dining room with a wooden dining table and a false ceiling made with woodwork
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A Complementing Cove Light

Want to keep things simple yet sophisticated? If your answer is a resounding yes, then we have a perfect dining room false ceiling that you can consider. This dining room has a false ceiling with cove lighting, which is understated but lightens the space up — this dining room accommodates six people comfortably. Therefore, it is perfect for hosting friends and family and treating them to your delicious cooking. The dining room has a glass top dining table in white which matches well with walls of the dining area. The flooring of this dining room is also frosty white with white vitrified tiles. The setting is perfect for an awesome experience for a party or get-together. Pair great food with good music to set the right mood. 

White dining room false ceiling designed with cove lighting is perfect for an excellent experience for a party.
A dining room with white walls and a ceiling with cove lighting

It’s All About The Ceiling Lights

If you are the kind who likes various lights to be in and around your dining room, then this false ceiling for your dining room might be the one you have been looking for. This dining room has a false ceiling with a combination of cove, recessed and decorative lighting. With this kind of false ceiling, you won’t ever be confused about choosing your lighting as it has a lot to offer. Set the right ambience with the right lighting in your dining space. 

This dining ceiling designed with the combination of the cove, recessed and a decorative drop downlight elegant look.
A false ceiling with cove, recessed and a decorative drop downlight

A Dark Wood False Ceiling

Are you a fan of dark wood? If yes, then take a look at this dining ceiling design. This dining room is designed with a false ceiling made from dark wood panels and cove lighting. The room is simple, with a touch of timber and cove lighting. A drop-down decorative light hangs down elegantly from the ceiling which adds to the overall vibe of the dining room. 

Dining false ceiling designed in dark wood panels with drop-down lighting adds to the overall vibe of the dining room.
A dining room with a wood-panelled ceiling and a drop-down decorative light
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A False Ceiling With A Variety Of Lights

If you have a dining area which is near the living room, then this false dining ceiling might interest you. This dining false ceiling has cove and recessed lighting, which has been continued from the living room. This false ceiling in the dining room also has a drop-down decorative light which brightens up the dining area. 

Living room cum dining hall ceiling designed in dark wood with cove and recessed lighting which brightens up the area.
A dining room with a decorative light with wooden plank as support

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