Women’s Day Celebration | In Conversation With Abhilasha Ekka About Independent Women, Life And Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 18, 2024 | 4 mins read

Let’s explore the life and home of one of our most inspiring female client, Abhilasha Ekka, CEO of Tropical Luxury Weddings.

Here’s another inspiring interview with one of our amazing female client, Abhilasha Ekka, the CEO of Tropical Luxury Weddings. Abhilasha shares glimpses of her life and home with us. A single mom and full-time businesswoman, Abhilasha believes in celebrating every tiny aspect of her life. She’s an independent millennial woman who relies on herself about everything in her life. While talking to us this International Women’s History Month, Abhilasha reminds us that there’s nothing more amazing than being able to build your own home and life.

So, let’s explore more about how Abhilasha is leading a remarkable life amidst hectic schedules and motherhood.

The Biggest Source Of Satisfaction In Her Life

Abhilasha inspired every one of us when she said that the real source of satisfaction in her life is how she can stand on her own feet. This CEO of a wedding planning believes in creating a life that is independent and free. She debunked the age old societal practice where a spouse and his family take care of a woman after marriage by taking charge of her life. “Everyone should be able to earn and bring food to to the table because no one knows the future, she said. “Everyone must stand on their own two feet, this is especially important in the second innings of our lives.” And while her family is always around, Abhilasha says she is responsible for her own life and that is the biggest source of satisfaction for her.

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Abhilasha Tells Us About Her Constant Love And War Relationship With Herself

When we asked her how she would define her relationship with herself, Abhilasha’s response resonated with all of us. She defines it as a battle between the heart and mind. She talks about how her strong-headed personality often leads her to a love and war relationship with herself.

When We Asked What Does Her Home Means To Her

Home for Abhilasha is all about warmth. She said home is her place to sleep and go to bed without any burden of extra thoughts. This also reminds us how special and personal a home is! It’s the place where we settle in our joys and sorrows, away from the outside world.

Do Women Make A House A Home?

Abhilasha’s response to this was far from the cliche. “Actually, No!”, she said. She believes that a house is transformed into a home with a family. So, no matter if you are a girl, a boy, or an adult, if you have your family by your side, you will make a beautiful home. She believes that anyone can weave a house into a lovely home with children, grandchildren, or even a pet. It’s all about those who live in it!

Her Thoughts On The Evolution Of Women’s Involvement In Buying Home And Interiors

She firmly states that it depends solely on an individual’s choice. According to Abhilasha if a woman wants to be involved then she can. She adds that a woman’s participation in the home purchases and interior design also depends on the encouragement she gets from her family. In a way, Abhilasha throws light on how the perception may have changed about women’s involvement in the process, but it still largely depends on the family to let her come out and make decisions for her home.

Her Take On Gender Roles And Stereotypes That Come With It

Abhilasha believes everyone is equal and unique in their own way irrespective of gender. She acknowledges that men and women have differences physically, but they are all the same from the mind. So, she reflects on the cerebral equality between men and women that society may have debated over the years. 

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Advice She Would Give To Her Younger Self?

Abhilasha shared that she would advise her younger self to start saving. She says that earning and spending money is essential in everyone’s life, but we should also learn to save so that there’s always some help for the future.

Talking to Abhilasha made us realise the importance of becoming a self-reliant person. She shows us how life and a home can be happy if women are independent. She taught us how everyone could make their own house and their life be it a man or a woman.

This was our dose of inspiration for this month. Take a look at the video and tell us how you liked it. For more videos, check out our YouTube channel now!

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