DaddySpillsTheBeans With Shonali Advani | A Father’s Day Special With Debasish Chakraborty

by Sreya Dasgupta | June 5, 2024 | 7 mins read

The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family. – Reed Markham.

This Father’s Day we bring you a freewheeling conversation between Debashish Chakraborty, our valued client and Shonali Advani, Content Head at DesignCafe. They chat about his take on designing a home as a father, things that inspire him, his relation with his two loving daughters, his motivation in life and the tiny little details that have helped him design the home of his dreams.

From his childhood memories to his favourite corner in the house Debashish takes us on a trip down memory lane. He also spills the beans on his plans for the special day and the reason he chose DesignCafe as his interior design partner to transform his house into a dream home. Come, let’s read on and see what Debashish has to say!

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Debashish, the proud owner of a 3BHK on the 16th floor of Hiranandani Hill Crest at Bangalore and father of two young daughters, wanted a modern home with a touch of class in every corner. He preferred a lot of light and ventilation and a warm colour palette with neutral colours. And this is exactly what our DesignCafe expert designers gave him down to the last detail.

On this special live show for Father’s Day, here are a few questions Shonali asked him to help understand his relationship with his home and family.

What Are The Memories Of Your Childhood Home?

Debashish and his sister grew up in an independent house in North India. It had a lot of open spaces and a huge ‘angan’ (courtyard). He still holds fond memories of enjoying meals at his neighbour’s home as there were no restrictions and boundary walls back then. However, he remembers one drawback of living on the ground floor – dust. And this in mind, he swore never to buy a home on the ground floor, and this is why he chose to live on the 16th floor of his apartment complex, which also tells us about his determination and passion to make his dreams come true.

Did You Try To Recreate Anything From Your Childhood Home In Your DesignCafe Home?

Debashish’s Father was a strong believer of Vastu Shastra and gave immense importance to good illumination and ventilation. So he chose a south-facing home and was particular in choosing the designs and colour scheme for the interiors, those that would ensure a fresh, airy vibe at all times.

We Know Women Play An Active Role With Home Interiors In Most Households. How Much Did You Contribute To Design For Your Home?

Debashish said he was allowed to give his inputs on a few areas of his home. He was restricted to just his study table, shoe rack and his side of the wardrobe. The rest of the home, be it the kitchen set up, colour scheme or the decision to bring in only new furniture pieces was his lovely wife’s decision.

When Asked About The Best Gift His Daughters Have Given Him To Date

“I am very fortunate to be the father of two daughters who have never troubled me and always gave me reasons to come back home, relax and spend time with them,” Debashish said with a twinkle in his eyes. His voice was filled with pride while sharing such an emotional thought. And when we asked him to leave a few tips for his daughters he said, “I want them to keep teaching me new things and make me aware of stuff I don’t know.” He thinks the process of re-learning things with his kids is one of the most fun and priceless experiences he has ever had.

When Asked About The Most Fun Thing He Had Done With His Daughters In His DC Designed Home

Like any normal family, eating out was always a fun activity, but with the ongoing pandemic Debashish and his family have started to enjoy ordering in. Together they enjoy meals in their DesignCafe home.

Did Your Daughters Take Your Suggestion While Designing Their Own Room?

His daughters were sure about how their room must be designed and didn’t take too many suggestions from their father. Debashish also mentioned that DesignCafe’s team of expert designers helped craft out the ideas they had for their home and implemented them just the way his daughters wanted.

From an elaborate study table to a grey colour scheme and ample storage space, DesignCafe’s team of designers have kept everything in mind when they designed Debashish’s daughter’s bedroom.

We took a quick break so Debashish could give us a tour of his home. As he showed us his home he mentioned that the colour scheme of his home –  cappuccino and beige were used across spaces. The sleek pooja unit had been positioned as per principles of Vastu.

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Which Part Of The Room Did You Design Just For Yourself?

Debashish let us into a little secret! He is an avid shoe collector. And to indulge his personal fetish he told our team of designers to make sure his shoe rack could accommodate a minimum of 40 pairs with some space to display art above and also incorporate seating. Most importantly, he wanted a shoe rack that didn’t exactly look like one. DesignCafe’s designers did a fabulous job giving him precisely what he wanted, making this piece of furniture one of his personal favourite spots in the home.

What Was The First Thing You Did To Celebrate Your DC Home?

Since his younger daughter’s birthday coincided with their first day at home the family decided to cut a cake and celebrate two of the most special occasions of their life.

If Debashish’s Home Could Speak, What Would It Say About Him?

Answering this fun question out forth by our anchor for the day Shonali he said, “It will say that Debashish is organised and loves symmetry, and so his home reflects this” He is absolutely content with the design and contouring of the house as executed by DesignCafe.

When Asked About His Experience Of Designing His Home With DesignCafe

After thorough research and talking to around ten design companies, Debashish zeroed down to DesignCafe because of a fascinating reason. He shared that DesignCafe was the only company that didn’t agree with the timeline that he wanted.

Impressed by the firm’s honesty and realistic attitude when it came to designing a home with all the detailing the family wanted in the first go, he decided to choose DesignCafe as his interior design partner.

DesignCafe’s transparency and customer-first approach touched his heart and built his trust in the brand. And we are proud to say that we lived up to his expectations and delivered just what he desired in the time frame we promised.

Customers like Debashish inspire us to work harder and fulfil our dreams of giving our customers what they want in their dream homes. At DesignCafe we believe happiness and customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Thank you for being a part of #DaddySpillTheBeans. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed holding this session for you all. If you are inspired by Debashish and want to get your home designed by our team of expert designers, book yourself a free consultation today. For more such exciting sessions, home tour videos,  or design ideas do check out our blog section for inspiration.

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Sreya Dasgupta is a content writer at DesignCafe

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