A Peaceful Abode Of Amrainder And Shivapali In Bangalore!

by Devna Tiwari | February 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

Residents: Amrainder And Shivali
Location:  Rainbow Residency, Sarjapur road, Bangalore

Take a walkthrough with us to this beautiful villa of Amrainder and Shivali in Rainbow Residency, Sarjapur road in Bangalore. It was so much fun for our designers to design interiors for the home of this perfect family of four.

Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this beautiful villa of Amrainder and Shivali has nestled far away from the noise and chaos of the city. A serene and tranquil location deserves interiors that is just as refreshing to both body and soul. The interior design of this villa kept in mind the owner’s love for an organised space and therefore every room has a fair bit of storage. Also, splashes of different colours in every room accentuate the interior design and liven it up.

Let’s look in detail at the design and the thought that went into achieving this stunning villa.

Step Right In! The Foyer Awaits

If first impressions are essential then your foyer has to be designed to kill! As it paints a picture in the minds of everyone that walks through it. The foyer here is designed with a shoe rack unit with ample storage and tufted cushion seating on top. There is a dark walnut panel with an elegant mirror that is the centrepiece of this area. The textured wallpaper continues from the foyer to the dining room creating a sense of flow to the design. The rafter and lights create a sense of partition without having to block off the area with space to showcase their favourite knick-knacks.

DC top interior designers in Sarjapur Road Bangalore designed this foyer with a shoe rack unit & tufted cushion seating on top.

Kick Back And Relax In The Living Room

The living room is designed to give this space an open and welcoming feel to everyone that walks in. An earthy colour palette has been used to make such a large space feel warm, cosy and comforting to all. Large sofas have been used for seating to entertain a big gathering of people. Extensive use of wood on the floor and TV panelling, add a touch of class and make this space look modern. The TV panel is large enough to house a 65-inch TV with a wooden ledge that houses drawer storage. The architrave on the right has a rope curtain to give it a distinct look.

DC interior designers in sarjapur designed this living room with tv unit feel warm, cosy and comforting to all
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Let’s Bring Home The Cinema

An entertainment room is more than just a room with a projector and a couple of chairs. A properly designed home theatre can bring home a multiplex like an experience to your home. There are many aspects to consider that will enable the room to have high fidelity sound and picture-perfect video. This room is designed with panels arranged in an abstract pattern that aid in sound absorption to avoid echoes and reverberation. The wall paint is of a matte finish that prevents reflections from bouncing off it from the screen. The screen is part of a unit that serves as storage for the home entertainment system and its peripherals. All topped off with two cinema-style leather recliners with cup holders for your favourite beverage.

Home theatre interior decorators in Bangalore Sarjapur Road by dc designed with panels & storage brings multiplex like experience.

Dinner’s Ready! A Kitchen Where Everything Is Tasty

Every home needs a well-designed kitchen. It’s where a mother’s love transforms into something tasty and gobsmacking! Designed for a family of four, this kitchen has everything every chef needs in order to churn out mouth watering delicacies for his/ her growing family. It’s a U-shaped kitchen with all the essential storage configurations such as tandem drawers, magic corners units, under sink storages, wall cabinets with frosted glass shutters and plenty of base shutter storages. The theme is modern and with a subtle colour tone. The white base modules are complemented with dark wood used on the panel to hide the chimney vent and in the architrave that has a counter. On the other side of the counter is a crockery unit that can be accessed from the dining area as well. 

White u-shaped kitchen designed by dc interior designers in sarjapur road with all the essential storage looks modern.
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home
This dining area with a crockery unit that can be accessed looks gorgeous interiors for Rainbow Residency Sarjapur by DC.

Master Bedroom: Every King Needs A Throne!

The master bedroom is designed to make one feel like royalty. The colours purple and gold is used to bring in a touch of class and elegance. The purple upholstered headboard extends all the way up to the ceiling that brings in the sense of majesty. This bedroom is topped off with a false ceiling that works like a crown with its soft yellow cove lighting. The wallpaper is classic with its intricate Victorian pattern embossed in subtle gold threads that match perfectly with purple curtains. The bed is king-sized with under storage and two floating bedside tables with drawers.

Master bedroom with purple upholstered headboard & gold wallpaper intricate Victorian pattern interior design Bangalore Sarjapur Road.

Guest Bedroom: Where Form Meets Function

This guest bedroom combines a clean, elegant design aesthetic with the practicality of having lots of storage for your guests. The theme is modern with colours that complement each other without being boring. The wallpaper brings in a subtle pattern to break the monotony of greys and beiges. There is storage under the bed with pullout drawers, floating bedside ledges that work as seaters, and a mirror with lots of storage in the form of lofts above the mirror. An open bookcase doubles as a way to display your souvenirs or allow guests to put up keys, phones, chargers et al. All in all a perfect place for your guests to feel comfortable and have everything they need at easy reach.

Guest bedroom combines a clean, elegant design with having lots of storage interiors for Rainbow Residency Sarjapur.

Kid’s Bedroom: A Room To Play And Grow

When designing a kid’s bedroom, one must always take into consideration the age of the children. Young children often like bright, bold and cartoon characters as design elements for their space, however, outgrow them soon. Hence designs have to have elements that last the different phases of a child’s growth phase. The colours are designed for the long run so that they don’t get bored with them. There are two wallpapers used with patterns that complement the blue and white colour scheme of this kids bedroom. The study table is big enough for two to study together along with two beds at each corner with sufficient storage underneath. There is plenty of space in the middle of this bedroom to play and have fun.

DC best interior designers in sarjapur road designed this kids room with study table, blue pattern wallpaper & blue beds.

If you are looking to design your dream home like this beautiful couple, do reach out to us, as we are one of the top interior designers in Bangalore and top interior designers in chennai

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