Hari And His Family’s Modern Yet Traditional 3BHK Home In Hyderabad

by Nikita Raikwar | January 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

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Join us as we take you through Hari and his family’s 3BHK home, designed by the best interior designers in Hyderabad. 

We recently had the opportunity to successfully deliver a great home that the owners will love forever and more. Hari and his family were looking for a good mix of modernity and tradition for the home interiors of their 3 BHK in Hyderabad. They wanted good interior designers in Hyderabad who could accommodate modern amenities with a twist of traditional aesthetics in their living room, bedrooms and kitchen. In addition to this, when they met Design Cafe’s interior designers in Hyderabad, they specifically asked us to create a clutter-free and spacious zone that is well lit.

Our team of the best interior designers in Hyderabad planned a spacious home layout with interiors that are modern while retaining traditional aesthetics through the use of wood. We used smart cabinets, a space-saving TV unit and a subtle colour palette to create a balance across the home. Here’s a sneak peek into Hari and his family’s 3 BHK home in Hyderabad after a makeover by Design Cafe.

A Spacious Living Room With Sectional Sofas And A Modular TV Unit

Our designers came up with a fun way to create a living space that’s warm, stunning, elegant as well as modern at the same time. To do so, we designed the living room with a large sectional sofa and a flawless wooden TV unit with wall panelling on the side. The TV unit is paired with a storage cabinet on the bottom to store knick-knacks and other miscellaneous items. What we absolutely love about this living room is the unique wooden false ceiling design that features lovely LED strip lights.

A spacious living room with sectional sofas and modular tv unit interior designers in hyderabad

A Galley Kitchen With Handleless Storage Cabinets

Hari and his family wanted a sleek, minimalist and modern design for their kitchen. We designed a layout that smartly optimises the available space. The galley kitchen includes a good amount of sleek handleless modular cabinets for storage along with a built-in microwave unit. We went for a neutral colour palette of grey and white with copper accents. The white countertops, marble wall and white flooring give the kitchen a clean and spacious look, perfectly complementing the cabinets.

A galley kitchen with handleless storage cabinets as best interior designers in hyderabad
White and grey galley kitchen with modular storage

A Master Bedroom With A Gorgeous Floor-To-Ceiling Wardrobe

Hari’s master bedroom boasts a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling six-door wardrobe that includes loft storage. The modular wardrobe is accompanied by a desk with a tinted glass top and an additional cabinet for extra storage space. The master bedroom is simple, space-saving and clutter-free, just as Hari requested. The wooden false ceiling detail with a traditional design is simply a delight to look at. 

A master bedroom with a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling wardrobe by top interior designers in hyderabad
A master bedroom designed to save space

A Sharp Dining Room That’s Perfect For Indian Families

Hari and his family had a subtle dining room in mind that was spacious enough to allow large family gatherings. We placed a traditional wooden six-seater dining table in the middle and paired it with high-back cushioned chairs. To create a unique look, we added a matching bench on one side of the dining table. Lending yet another interesting touch is the wooden false ceiling design with LED strip lighting. Meanwhile, the heavy curtains block light from outside to ensure cosy and intimate family mealtimes. Our top interior designers in Hyderabad at Design Cafe successfully delivered the elegant dining room that Hari wanted. 

A sharp dining room that’s perfect for indian families by good interior designers in hyderabad
An elegant dining room for family meals

A Bright, Colourful And Spacious Bedroom For Kids

The kid’s bedroom that our interior designers in Hyderabad created for Hari’s home is nothing short of a storybook paradise. It boasts vibrant and colourful interiors that kids will love instantly. It also features a colourful rainbow and clouds detail on the ceiling to add to the room’s fun ambience. The room includes a lovely dual-toned floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in yellow and white that extends into a compact study unit in ebony. The room also has a bright printed accent wall making it a child’s dream bedroom, for sure. 

A bright, colourful and spacious bedroom for kids by home interior designers in hyderabad
A colourful bedroom for kids with ample play area

Hari and his family’s 3 BHK home in Hyderabad is the perfect modern home with traditional aesthetics. It features clean minimalist furnishings with a play on LED lighting that puts luxury on display. Every room in Hari’s home has a distinct character as seen in the above home tour images. 

If you liked this peek into Hari and his family’s home and would like Design Cafe’s experts to design your home too, then book a free consultation with us. Our personalised home interior designs are planned by the best interior designers in Hyderabad. Design Cafe’s interior designs are a class apart, curated to create a home within your budget and one that suits your lifestyle.

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