Chaitra Shivakumar’s Stunning 4BHK Independent Home In Bengaluru

by Shubhankar Adhikari | January 29, 2024 | 7 mins read

4bhk independent house designed in tumkur road, bengaluru

Let us take a tour of the dazzling 4BHK independent home of Chaitra Shivakumar in Bengaluru. The DesignCafe team worked hard to redo the space as per the vision of the homeowner

What should homeowners do to add a bit of zing to their space? Painting the walls and replacing the flooring of a home may not be enough. To ensure that an independent house design is lively and welcoming, experimenting with quirky furniture may be what’s necessary. Furniture design can be the starting point for an independent house design transformation, just like the redesign of Chaitra Shivakumar’s dream home. DesignCafe endeavoured to make Chaitra’s home look modern and chic by incorporating atypical furniture that is guaranteed to leave everyone awestruck.

Let’s see how DesignCafe’s team of experts assessed and executed Chaitra’s vision for her independent house design.

Offbeat Furniture Design For The Dining Hall

The quirkiness of this dining room’s interior design is highlighted with the use of unconventional lights and unusual chairs. Bright sunlight illuminates the dining space making it easier to eat and converse. A dash of red, white and green in the centre of the dining table is an intelligent touch that enhances the look and feel of this room. The dining area goes well with the steel chairs and table. The design is a practical one indeed.

Dining room with a table and chairs made from stainless steel and white wood, independent house interior design.
The design of the dining room light fixture is eye-catching
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The Couch In The Study As Focal Point

The concrete wall in the study combines wooden flooring to create a luxurious theme. The quirky white centre table blends into the environment while the bright yellow couch stands out in the room as the major focal point of this space. The wall hangings on opposite walls of the study room look striking and add to the understated glamour of this room.

Study room designed with a yellow couch, desk and wooden flooring in Tumkur road home designed by design cafe.
The framed photographs add pops of colour to the room’s decor

A Minimalist Style Kitchen Design

White represents elegance and calmness. It elevates the look of the independent home interior design in bangalore without coming across as overpowering. The open floor plan of the cooking space overlaps with the public space in the house with a combination of wood and black granite as the highlight. The lights over the kitchen countertop resemble wind chimes and add to the unconventional independent house interior design.

White minimalist kitchen designed in 4BHK independent house in Tumkur Road, Bengaluru with breakfast counter and steel chairs look elegant.
The striking white of the kitchen is accentuated by the solemn black of the granite and wooden glow of the false ceiling

The Brilliance Of The Living Room

The mirrors on the ceiling make this living room seem more modern and glamorous. They make this space appear brighter. Three-dimensional panels bring the walls to life and make the living room appear more spacious. The stunning pair of chandeliers complement the quirkiness of the furniture design of the living room. There is some greenery too that adds to the brilliance of colours in the space. The unfinished concrete wall acts as the perfect backdrop for the glossy marble TV wall that’s paired with wooden ceiling recessed spotlights. The wood on the walls further opens up to an informal seating arrangement.

Tumkur road interior designer, living room designed with tv unit, ceiling lights and 3d wall panels look modern.
The living room decor exemplifies the gorgeousness of the independent house design

A Radiant Hall Design

The hall is an opportunity to sweep guests off their feet. A yellow alabaster sheet with lights at the back creates a dazzling ambience and is a great addition to the independent house design. The sheet is an excellent choice as it gels well with the wooden cabinets and the partition. The console makes for a powerful entrance hall that blends contemporary art.

Tumkur road home designed with a foyer area with a yellow alabaster sheet with lights at the back creates a warm welcome.
The breathtaking decor of the foyer is sure to impress guests

A Cosy Nook To Escape To Everyday

The large window and the wooden flooring are sights to behold. The focus of this independent home’s interior design is on the mosaic stone cladding wall that also features a standing statue of Buddha. The effects of recessed lighting brightens the space. The sleek curved and tall chair pairs well with the stencil coffee table, making the space look chic and modern. The corner is ideal for rejuvenation after a long day at work. It’s also perfect for reading a book and whiling away time.

Independent house design, cosy nook designed with mosaic stone cladding wall, coffee table and sleek chair looks modern.
The green against the stone cladding wall spruces up the space, making it livelier

The Cynosure Of The House: The Master Bedroom

The room has a floating bed frame, a stylish feature that fits in incredibly well with the dark wood raised platform. The decor has been kept minimalistic. A white bed with a combination of blue accent sofa and rugs give the space a timeless feel. The decor also allows other design highlights to stand out beautifully. There is a dash of greenery in the room as well that accentuates the vibrancy of the space. This master bedroom is a calm, organised retreat that allows restful sleep without sacrificing personal style and aesthetics of its owners. A sleek TV unit with a high-gloss back panel that keeps the look utilitarian and neat.

Master bedroom with a white bed, blue sofa and wall lighting behind the headboard, 4bhk independent house interior design.
The look of the master bedroom has been kept simple without compromising on functionality

This Bedroom’s Interior Design Is A Class Act

The independent house design theme of quirky furniture is extended to the second bedroom as well. Look at that chair: it looks like a piece of art. The headrest spells pure luxury and the bed looks comfortable. The headboard is the highlight of this room’s design with the multiple cutout laser design. The recessed wall niche is where any object — from art pieces to a colourful fan — can be displayed, gives a gallery-like ambience to the space. The use of wooden laminate matching the wooden flooring creates an elegant, yet relaxed vibe.

Tumkur road interior designer, white bedroom cum study area with ceiling lights and wooden flooring creates a luxury look.
The window ledge is perfect for some alone time with a book and a cup of tea

A Bedroom With A Striking Interplay Of Black And White

This black and white combination will be perfect for any independent home’s interior design. The smart headboard matches the clean design giving the room a cosy feel. The wooden ceiling and flooring make the space a raw, industrial appeal. The antique pendant lights help illuminate the room and ensure that the industrial feel is not lost.

Independent house design, White bedroom with a black bed, antique lights and wooden ceiling brings industrial look.
This decor is perfect for a modern home and for those who want to create a striking impact

A Smart Guest Room Design

The guest room is functional and modern. The invisible murphy bed helps in the optimum use of the space as it occupies only a fraction of the room available. This improves this independent home’s interior design. The invisible bed comes with a hydraulic lift-assisted system that is extremely robust and well-tested. The light colour of the design makes this room appear spacious, elegant and comfortable. The window seating serves as a personal nook for the guest or homeowner to enjoy the outside view.

Tumkur road home design, a guest room designed with a murphy bed and tv unit brings elegance and comfort.
The guest room is an essential addition to the independent house design

The Stunning Pooja Space

The interior design of this home has been completed with a pooja room. It is designed and built with a fine-textured stone finish with low reflectivity. The use of alabaster sheets is an extremely unique touch to the space. Since the material is translucent by nature, the sheet serves as a diffused light source. The design on either side makes the space look classic and exquisitely perfect.

Pooja room designed with alabaster sheets with lights at the back makes the space look classic, Tumkur road home design.
The pooja space of the independent house design looks pure and simply gorgeous

Elegant Colour Choice For The Bathroom

A black cabinet with flush handles is the hallmark of well-designed bathroom storage which provides ample space even on the wall. The wooden false ceiling plays a vital role in making the toilet look refined and classy. The use of black and wood as a colour scheme makes a lasting impression on anyone using the bathroom to rejuvenate.

Independent house interior design, bathroom designed with wooden cabinet and marble flooring look classy.
The bathroom has been carefully designed and is mindful of the needs of the homeowner

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