A Glimpse Of Mohit And Meetika’s Dream Home!

by Devna Tiwari | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Let’s take a peek into this gorgeous 4BHK of Mohit and Meetika nesting in Thanisandra, Bengaluru. Design Cafe had an amazing experience designing the interiors for their dream home.

A 4BHK house or flat is designed to offer ample space, plenty of square footage to cover the master and other bedrooms, dining area and common areas making it an ideal choice for a big family! But when it comes to designing home interiors for a huge space like this you need the help of professionals to create a home that’s not cluttered or overdone simply because there’s so much space. 

Mohit and Meetika met our team of designers with a similar design approach in mind.  Less is more! The couple reside on the 13th floor of a high rise apartment. They wanted their home, a 4BHK apartment, to be simple and minimalistic in appeal with a touch of modern detailing. They also wanted bright colours to add a cheerful vibe and slender pieces of furniture to leave ample space for their kids to run around.

Let’s see how the team at DesignCafe helped Mohit and Meetika’s vision become a reality.

A Head-turning Foyer

This simple yet stunning foyer area features a huge wall in a welcoming teal colour with a round shaped mirror with LED strip lights. A  ledge shelf makes the entrance look elegant and inviting at the same time. Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space as they add depth to a room to complement it.

Stunning foyer with a round-shaped mirror with LED strip lights interior design for 4bhk house in Thanisandra Bengaluru.
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A Striking Yet Subtle Living Room

Both Mohit and Meetika are fans of minimalism and didn’t want anything too loud and flashy. However, the couple was fascinated with the idea of floral patterns as part of their home interior design.  And our designer didn’t forget that!

This modern classic living room has been designed around a bright colour palette of blue, yellow, brown and white. It features a sectional sofa in blue, a classic wooden coffee table, and a patterned wallpapered as a feature wall. A combination of floral sheers and solid curtains along with a stunning pair of yellow armchairs with a bold floral print incorporated everything they wanted into one cohesive design. And tying everything to perfection is the simple false ceiling with a combination of the cove and recessed lighting.

Modern classic living room 4 bhk interior design with blue sofa, wooden coffee table, & patterned wallpaper looks adore

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Eat Together! Stay Together

This dining area is an extension of the modern classical living room. It features a six-seater simple dining table in teak wood that is complemented by designer chairs. Two chairs have been upholstered in floral patterned fabric and are placed at both heads of the table. This was done to blend in the interiors with the living area. The living cum dining area has a classy crockery unit built with an aluminium frame, glass fronts, shelves and cabinets to keep delicate porcelain safe.

Living room cum dining area interior design cost for 4 bhk in Thanisandra with the dining table in teak wood.
4 bhk house interior design of the dining area with classy crockery unit, shelves and cabinets in Bengaluru look classic.

A Modular Kitchen For A Modern Family

A refreshing kitchen with brighter colours! Exactly what Mohit and Meetika asked for! This uber-modern kitchen features seamless cabinetry, a stunning patterned-tile backsplash, a combination of base and wall units that provide ample storage space, and a chimney. A breakfast countertop gives the family extra space for a quick meal on a rushed morning and is complemented by a pair of smart pendant lights.  Also, use of LED strip lights and spotlights keep this kitchen bright and lively!

Modular kitchen interior design for 4 bhk flat with cabinetry, patterned-tile backsplash, & a chimney bring a modern look.

An Organic Style Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is designed with a lot of wood and browns. It features an upholstered bed with a wallpapered wall behind the headboard that includes extruded panels and integrated LED strip lights to illuminate the master bedroom. We also included rafters and mirrors. This stunning bedroom further features a TV unit, a two-toned floor to ceiling wardrobe with loft storage, a pair of wooden side tables, and a modern bedside dressing. A combination of pendant lights, spotlights and a false ceiling with cove lights make this bedroom appear more spacious and elegant.

Master bedroom 4 bhk interior designed by design cafe with dressing table, pendant lights, mirror & side table.
Master bedroom 4 bhk interior cost in thanisandra Bengaluru design with wardrobe, tv unit and ceiling lights.
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A Castle For The Little Princess

Mohit and Meetika are blessed with a daughter who wishes to live like a princess! Our designers worked hard to incorporate everything she loved from her fascination for the colour pink to clouds and heart shaped handles. This beautiful pink bedroom features everything a growing girl needs in a space to call it her own. A comfortable bed with an overhead open shelf and a compact unit with baskets and trays to keep all her toys organised. The bedroom also incorporates a study unit with drawers and cupboards for storage, a full-length wardrobe with basic shutters and bottom drawers and a full-length mirror. Binding this space to perfection is a false ceiling in the shape of clouds built with cove lights.

Kids room 4 bhk interior design with the study unit in pink & white laminate to match the room colour.
Kids bedroom with wardrobe and cloud shape false ceiling with built-in light designed by DC interior designers in thanisandra

Family Time Is The Best Time!

Right, isn’t it? This cosy little corner called the ‘family room’ features a minimalistic style TV unit with back panel lighting, a comfortable reclining couch in beige suede fabric that’s complemented by a light coloured wallpaper. All these elements together make this space look comfortable and sleek.

Family room with TV unit with back panel lighting, reclining couch & wallpaper is 4 bhk interior design in Bengaluru.

If you wish to design your dream home, just like this family did, do reach out to us. Let’s design your home interiors together! Book a consultation with DesignCafe here for interior design in bangalore

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