A Design For Manoj Rajpal’s 4BHK Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

4bhk flat interior design in bangalore divyasree 77 place by design cafe

A Little Bit Of Bio!

Residents: Manojj Rajpal

Location: Divyasree 77 place

Interior designer: Ankita Jain 

A home is where the heart is. We at DesignCafe can’t agree more and that is why we have made sure we have put our heart out and come up with the selection of top-class interior designs for Divyasree 77 place. Take a look!

Don’t fear we at DesignCafe are here! We believe that we can understand what you need and that’s why we provide you with the best-in-class interiors in Bangalore to create a space you won’t regret living in. This 4BHK home is classy with loads of elegance and style.

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A Step Towards True Luxury

We at DesignCafe aim to come up with the best interiors in Bangalore. This living room has a false ceiling made from wood along with cove and recessed lighting. A one of a kind steel and wooden partition separates the foyer from the lounge area. The partition has planter boxes to display indoor plants to bring a touch of nature into the house. The living room has a square-shaped mirror that adds to the aesthetics of this home and makes it look much bigger apart from adding a hint of luxury on the wall. Leather sofas in dark brown are complemented by the round golden top coffee table and a cream coloured rug.

4bhk living room design has a vibrant yet welcoming entry designed by design cafe is the best interior design company in Bangalore.
This living room has a rich yet welcoming entry to a home filled with comfort

A Place Where You Cook Before You Eat

The parallel shaped kitchen layout has been designed by only the best of interior designers in Bangalore from DesignCafe. The parallel shaped modular kitchen layout consists of two countertops facing each other. This parallel kitchen has a wide passage that aids free and quick movement. This kitchen has a combination of two shades: beige and grey. The window and the utility door provide natural light and ventilation to this kitchen design.

4bhk flat interiors with a parallel shaped kitchen consists of two countertops facing each other are the best interiors in Bangalore.
A parallel kitchen designed with a neutral colour scheme

A Royal Dining Area

This dining area is designed with an earthy look to it as it uses a brown colour palette. The dining table is designed with a beautiful frosty white countertop and dark wood at bottom. A peripheral corner cove lighting with wooden strips enhance the look of this dining area. The middle wall has a metallic gold leaf concept with a wooden border that adds a touch of richness. 

4bhk dining room designed with frosty white countertop and dark wood at the bottom is famous interior designers in Bangalore
A elegant yet rich leaf design on a wall in the dining brings royalty into the picture

A Tricky Triangle Concept

We at DesignCafe’s interior design studios in Bangalore go out of our way to bring a unique look wherever we can. This room is designed with a triangle design-based concept that is seen on the walls. The cot has a rustic finish with a matching side table. A sleek study table concept with attached seating is incorporated into the design of this bedroom.

Design cafe's interior design studios in Bangalore designed this 4bhk flat bedroom with a study table with a rustic finish.
A shapey design and a rustic touch give an edgy look to this master bedroom
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A Kids Room

This kids bedroom has a unique rectangular stone cladding wall that adds to the aesthetics of this kids bedroom. A false ceiling with drop down with warm cove lights and a TV unit made of wood brings a sense of nature and camping at home.

List of interior designers in Bangalore, DC designed this kids room with a unique rectangular stone cladding wall.
A stone wall brings out a withered rustic touch to this room

A Guest Bedroom In Wood

Take a look at this guest bedroom in Manoj Rajpal’s home. This bedroom has wooden flooring that can never go wrong when it comes to adding class and style to space. Matching sheets with brown prints make it merge and stand out beautifully. The bed is upholstered in silver leather for a touch of luxury. The wall behind the bed is pepped up with a rustic square wallpaper and above is a false ceiling with cove lights. An antique wall mirror enhances the look of this guest bedroom.

This Guest room has wooden flooring, wall mirror & rustic square wallpaper are the best interiors in Bangalore.
A pretty wall mirror adds a hint of glamour to this bedroom

Spark Out A Spare Room

The colour white is a wise choice when it comes to picking out a colour for a smaller room. White makes a room look bigger. This bedroom has a stone textured wallpaper behind the bed. The bed is a dark metallic grey and matches with the side table as well as with the curtains. Rope knot pendant lights on either side of the bed lend a warm glow to this bedroom. 

This 4bhk flat bedroom has a stone textured wallpaper & rope knot pendant lights are interior designs for Divyasree 77 place.
A white room with a silver lining is small yet a sweet place to relax

We at DesignCafe focus on making sure your home is designed just the way you want it. We take responsibility to provide the best of the best for your family with respect to home interiors

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

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