Mukesh Shah And Family’s Functional And Spacious 3 BHK Home In Mumbai

by Nikita Raikwar | February 8, 2024 | 4 mins read

A Well Structured 3 BHK Mumbai Home

Take a peek inside Mukesh Shah and his family’s functional, elegant and luxurious 3 BHK Home in Mumbai.

DesignCafe recently worked with Mukesh Shah and his family to transform their 3 BHK apartment in Mumbai into a stunning home. Mukesh and his family were envisioning a tasteful home that’s fitted with the choicest modular furnishing designs. They wanted a home that’s spacious, airy and well-lit on all ends. Our best home interior designers in Mumbai delivered a well-structured home that’s modern, functional and practical at the same time. The interiors are equipped with top-notch modular furnishings and decor elements, which make Mukesh Shah’s home nothing short of an urban dream.

A Master Bedroom That Doubles Up As An Entertainment Pad

Our best home interior designers in Mumbai planned the room thoughtfully to accommodate the needs of its residents. Mukesh’s master bedroom is a hearty mix of a sleeping zone clubbed with a unique wooden laminate TV unit. It is complemented by an open shelving space above and a bench that offers an extra seating space in the room. The master bedroom also comprises a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that makes it a clutter-free and organised experience for all.

A Lively Parents’ Bedroom With A Striking Contrast

The parents’ bedroom in Mukesh’s home incorporates a bright floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in yellow. It features a space-saving sliding door mechanism. The room also showcases a lively leaf patterned wallpaper in blue that plays a gorgeous contrast to the yellow wardrobe.

3bhk bedroom interior design service in Mulund, Mumbai incorporated with floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in yellow
A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in cheery yellow

A Space-Saving Murphy Bed In The Guest Bedroom

Our best residential interior designers in Mumbai fitted the compact guest bedroom with a smart and comfortable murphy bed. It can be pushed back into the wall easily when not in use and doubles up as a comfortable sofa seater. This is a great design hack for modern urban apartments as it allows homeowners to use the room for other purposes when guests aren’t around.

Best 3bhk home interior designer in Mulund, Mumbai, designed a comfortable murphy bed in the compact guest bedroom
A luxurious guest bedroom with a murphy bed

A Grand Parallel Kitchen With High-End Modular Storage Solutions

The parallel kitchen in Mukesh’s home is grand to say the least. Our budget interior designers in Mumbai installed stunning glossy-laminate cabinets with tall storage units in the kitchen. It also features a storage space with sliding doors that doubles up as an appliance garage. The modular storage is a combination of white and blue laminate finish, making it a fine choice for homes that need additional pantry space.

3bhk interior designer in Mulund, Mumbai, designed a parallel kitchen with modern laminate cabinets
A parallel kitchen with modern laminate cabinets

A Luxurious Living Room With Lots Of Open Space And A Lounge Area

Most of DesignCafe’s interior design services in Mumbai are about making homes more spacious. We designed a lively and bright living room for Mukesh and his family. We installed a delicate pink sofa set and paired it with a chaise lounge. A three-tiered coffee table gracefully complements the luxurious seating arrangement. We gave the false ceiling LED strips and completed the living room with a gorgeous ceiling-to-floor designer accent wall.

A famous interior designer in Mulund, Mumbai, designed a 3bhk living room with a chaise lounge
A spacious living room design with chaise lounge

A Dining Space With A Stylish Mirrored Accent Wall

We also designed and delivered a dining space that allows comfortable dining for the entire family. We equipped it with tons of storage space in the form of a glossy cabinet and tall glass unit. However, the highlight of this area is the mirrored accent wall. Not only is it a stylish decorative element but also makes the space appear larger. The dining table is paired with open-back dining chairs that fit in well with the design scheme of the entire living space.

3bhk interior designers in south Mulund, Mumbai, designed dining area with tons of storage space
A dining space for memorable dining experiences

Mukesh and his family were extremely happy with the way we planned, designed and fitted their home. They received a designer home that matched what they had in mind when they began their search for best home interior designers in Mumbai. Meanwhile, our best residential interior designers in Mumbai had the utmost pleasure in creating a canvas that’s multi-functional, luxurious and spells opulence as effortlessly as this home.
Are you eyeing home interior designs for your space and need someone to help kick start the renovations? You can now book a free consultation with our experts at DesignCafe to get started.

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