Vikas Maurya And Jyoti Singh’s Clutter-Free 2BHK Home In Bengaluru’s Bhoganhalli

by Shubhankar Adhikari | January 28, 2024 | 4 mins read

2bhk home interior design in bhoganhalli bengaluru

Let’s take a look at the stunning 2BHK home of Jyoti Singh and Vikas Maurya. DesignCafe was able to execute the ideas of the couple for their dream home

Jyoti and Vikas live with their eight month old daughter Riddhi. They wanted the interior design of their 2BHK home to be in a manner where everything was accessible and uncluttered. The couple travels a lot and end up picking shopping extensively on these trips. And with this lifestyle in mind they wanted a dedicated place to display their collection of souvenirs as well. The couple specifically wanted their 2BHK flat’s interior decoration, colour scheme and design to blend in seamlessly across the entire home.

With an uncluttered space in mind, Jyoti Singh and Vikas Maurya approached DesignCafe to take up the interior design project of their 2BHK home interior design. Their 1,100-square feet home that the couple shares with their little angel, is an apartment complex by the name of Rohan Iksha in Bengaluru’s Bhoganhalli. 

Let’s see how the DesignCafe team transformed Jyoti and Vikas’s 2BHK interior and brought their ideas to life.

A Blue Kitchen With Lots Of Storage

The design team felt that the kitchen’s interior design in this 2BHK must go beyond pure style and therefore gave a lot of importance to storage. Jyoti and Vikas, also did not prefer going with regular shades in their kitchen and opted for this shade of blue as the dominant colour scheme for this space. DesignCafe’s team used deep blue with textured white laminate for their kitchen furniture. Spotlights above the overhead units were used to highlight the stunning shutter texture.

2bhk u shaped kitchen interior design with cabinets in blue and white laminate in Bengaluru look stunning.
The use of spotlights transforms the cooking space and introduces an element of glamour, something that’s missing in most kitchens

A Living Room With A TV Unit

The living room is meant to impress. A stylish living room is everyone’s dream as this is where your family and friends gather to spend a lot of time together. The focus of the living room’s interior design is the TV unit that consists of an elegant base unit with a tall display and wooden panelling. The TV unit is indeed the highlight of the space as it covers an entire wall of the room and has a stone wall look. 

Living room design in 2bhk in bhoganhalli bengaluru with tv unit and wooden panelling look elegant.
The TV unit takes the centre-stage in this stunning living room that has been designed to dazzle and impress guests

Impressive Interiors Of The Master Bedroom

An earthy colour palette has been used in this master bedroom. The wall in this bedroom has been highlighted with a brightly coloured textured paint that complements the furniture. DesignCafe’s team chose floral-themed curtains for the master bedroom that adds a natural touch to the design and decor of the space.

Master bedroom in an earthy tone designed with tv unit is stunning and best interior design for 2bhk flat in bhoganhalli.
The earthy tones of the master bedroom decor is a subtle style statement that creates a lasting impression

A Study Room With A Sleek And Simple Study Unit

Due to the pandemic, more and more people are working from home. This has led to the demand for workstations in most homes. A simple study table with space for a laptop is passé and sophisticated designs have taken over. This is more important for families with multiple working professionals.  Look at the design of the study table the team designed for Jyoti and Vikas. It has space for both of them to work. The study is simple and sturdy and is not crowded with too many storage options that can make a room look cluttered. The study allows the couple to work without any disturbance. 

Minimalist light green study room with sophisticated table design is a simple interior design for 2bhk flat in Bengaluru Bhoganhalli.
A minimalistic study area aids in creative thinking and helps work without any disturbance
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A Pooja Unit Within A Wardrobe In The Study Room

The pooja unit was interestingly incorporated within a wardrobe in the study room without compromising on a traditional look. The appearance of the unit was enhanced with the use of an intricate jaali. A wall was highlighted with a world map wallpaper. The look of this room has been kept minimal.

Pooja unit incorporated within a wardrobe and enhanced with an intricate jaali is home interior design for 2bhk In Bhoganhalli, Bengaluru.
The interesting design of the pooja unit built within a wardrobe is a space saving design

And with these subtle yet functional design elements DesignCafe was able to transform their home in to a neat and uncluttered space. 

A home serves you in myriad ways by sheltering you from the outside world. It also is a place where you celebrate your special moments and unwind after a long day at work. Moreover, it is where you steal a few moments away from the fast-paced world.

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