6 Stunning White Colour Bed Designs For Your Bedroom

by Noopur Lidbide | January 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Gorgeous white colour bed designs for your bedroom

A soothing white bed can be as easy to maintain as it is beautiful! 

White is the universal colour of peace and tranquillity. It has its own significance in many cultures, denoting purity and cleanliness. Additionally, the colour white is a favourite with interior designers! The colour white gives any room a simple, clean and elegant look. It is a sought-after option for smaller spaces as white reflects natural light, brightening up the surrounding area. The unique property of this colour for interior designing is that it goes with almost any shade done right! 

Traditionally, homeowners have always preferred opting for safer bed colour options in different shades and textures of wood. Today, a white colour bed also is a much-loved option as the neutral colour immediately looks comfortable, cosy and inviting.

If you are looking to experiment with the colour for your bed, here are some white bed designs to brighten up your bedroom!

Luxurious White Colour Bed

This white colour bed design looks rich, luxurious and chic — with the white leather adding every bit of sophistication to the space. The huge TV, gorgeous headboard, the softest bed sheets and furry warm throw look like they are all out of a scene from a movie. With a beautiful play of textures in the all-white bedroom, there is no way that the colour can get boring.

White colour bed design with softest bed sheets and warm furry
With the right accessories, a white bed can spell luxury!

Simple White Colour Bed Design

One of the hardest things to do is be simple. Your bedroom is the place where you rest your mind and body after a tiring day. While you sleep, your body relaxes and replenishes itself to get ready for a new day at work. Some people feel relaxing is done best in simple settings, a place that is free of clutter and distractions. This white colour bed design is ideal for such people! The minimal bed is ideal for slightly larger bedrooms and focuses more on the functional aspect of the room.

White colour queen size bed in minimalist design
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!
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Elegant White Colour Bed

A white bedroom with a white colour bed design is like a blank canvas that can be given a colour scheme of your choice. Elegant pastel colours, sophisticated accents and accessories make this white colour bed look like a masterpiece!

Double bed design in white colour with patterned pillows
The elegance of a white bed is all in the styling!

Patterned White Colour Bed Design

We have seen a play of textures or a slight play with colours with white colour beds. Here, we can see a play of prints. Polka dots are a fun, as well as safe, choice to go with for a white-themed bedroom design. The minimal print, subtle pink and golden accessories in the bedroom help in keeping the polka dot pattern looking loud and overpowering.

White colour bed design with polka dots
A white bed with polka dots feels fun and chic!

White Colour Bed Paired With Natural Elements

A white bed gives a clean and serene look to your bedroom. If you would rather not pick a colour scheme or prints to go with white, there are easier ways to ensure that all-white doesn’t get boring. You can literally add life to the space by going for natural elements like plants. Earthy brown colours complement the natural tones and help in keeping the space effortlessly simple and clean.

Bed design in white colour paired with a natural element
We are never saying no to a white bed design accompanied by warm natural elements!

A Fun White Colour Bed

A children’s bed can be tricky to get right. While fun bed designs make the bedroom appealing for children, they can easily outgrow it in a few years. A white colour bunk bed not only saves space, but it also adds a fun quotient to the bedroom while staying relevant even when your kids grow up. With a white colour bed for the children’s room, you can go for finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

White colour bunk bed for small children's bedroom
A white bed can help a small children’s bedroom look bigger

White is a beautiful colour which can be used in versatile ways. With a white colour bed, you can go for a play of textures in the same colour, or go for different colour combinations and interesting prints. White beds serve as a perfect backdrop for statement pieces, plants or colourful decor items. With the versatile colour as your base, your bedroom can be as soothing, interesting, quirky, elegant or luxurious as you please!

As opposed to the common perception, white furniture isn’t very difficult to clean and maintain, and the same goes for white colour bed designs. We hope this was a useful guide for you to select a beautiful white bed for your bedroom and get it right with the overall design and styling. Have any questions? Drop us a comment and we will get back to you at the earliest!

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