How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Five-Star Hotel

by Design Cafe Team | February 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Five-Star Hotel

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could slip into a luxurious private suite, sink into a sumptuous bed and fall asleep to the fragrance of wild lilies? As indulgent (and expensive) as it would be to book a hotel room every night, the good news is, you don’t have to fork out millions to mirror a five-star aesthetic in your bedroom. Here are some simple ways to give your bedroom the look of luxe hotel, at a fraction of the cost.

Bring In Feather-Soft Sheets

Fabrics can instantly warm a room, soften hard surfaces and add oodles of glam. Invest in gorgeous, pristine white sheets in sateen or percale with a minimum thread count of 300, to craft a scene of luxurious comfort. It’s worth washing your sheets once a week to keep them spotless and sparkling. Also, if you have the budget for it, consider having your linens professionally laundered, so that they remain well-preserved.

Bring In Feather Soft Sheets To Make Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Room
Sink in to feather soft sheets to sleep in luxury through the night

Install Layered Lighting

Hotel rooms are synonymous with soft, layered lighting. Conjure a similar aesthetic in your room by creating halos of golden light with bedside wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps. A combination of ambient, accent and task lighting can produce a cosy, intimate aesthetic ideal for the bedroom. If you already have lighting fixtures in your bedroom but aren’t happy with the effect they produce, consider toning down their wattage for a more subdued look.

Use Layered Lighting To Make Your Home Bedroom Look Like a Hotel Room.
Table lamps with hanging lamps add lovely warm layers to room lighting

Put Down A Soft Rug

A soft, plushy shag or sheepskin rug can be the perfect covering for a tiled or hardwood floor, rounding off your room wonderfully. Consider going for a giant area rug to zone your sleeping chamber, or go for several small rugs to frame the sides of your bed. By bringing in fluffy elements, you can create textural variety in your bedroom and build layers of style and softness across various surfaces.

Use Soft Rug to Create Your Home Bedroom into a Luxurious Five Star Hotel Room.
Place a rug in front of your bed for textural variety
Explore trendy bedroom designs with ample storage solutions

Be Thoughtful With Pillows

Walk into a luxury hotel room and you’re sure to find a whimsical arrangement of pillows adorning the bed. Mix and match pillow styles to create a visual impact. Euro shams, accent pillows, queen pillows and bolsters can look charming when arranged in a cohesive vignette on your bed. Place some along your headboard, and build your arrangement down in layers. Not only are piles of pillows great from an aesthetic standpoint, they’re perfect for lounging around in bed with a movie or yellowback. Browse designs in satin, silk and cotton to make your bed decor ooze effortless luxury.

Use Euro Shams Accent Pillows, Queen Pillows, And Bolsters To Make Your Home Look Rich like a Luxurious Hotel Room.
Pillows of various shapes, sizes and colours bring in extra elegance to a bedroom

Invest In Wireless Devices

Ever walked into a hotel room and been wowed by the state of wireless-ness? A wireless ecosystem is a symbol of luxe indulgence only afforded by a select few. Amp up the swishness of your bedroom by introducing wireless speakers and other devices. A wireless habitat can speak volumes about your thought and attention to detail, and in turn, make your bedroom a rare, one-of-a-kind retreat.

Introducing Wireless Speakers And Other Devices Makes Bedroom Feels Like a Luxury Small Living Room.
A wireless night lamp for reading is sleek and hassle-free

Acquire Luxurious Room Scents

There’s no question, hotel rooms that brim with clean and soothing scents offer an added layer of luxury. If you’re yearning to create a tranquil, scent-misted haven inside your bedroom, look to nature for scents that calm your spirit and your senses. Rose water and scented candles can be utterly delightful in magicking restful, relaxing vibes. When going for the latter, choose pretty canisters to bring in an aesthetic edge to your scented paradise. Fresh flowers are the nonpareil rulers of fresh, organic scents. Pick aromatic varieties that offer a pleasing, understated fragrance. Other ways to infuse scents into your bedroom include essential oil diffusers, pillow mists and potpourris.

Add Luxurious Room Scents to Bedrooms to get an Added Layer Of Luxury and feel like a 5 star hotel room.
Infuse scents into your bedroom include essential oil diffusers, pillow mists, and potpourris.

With these sterling ideas, you don’t need a hotel booking to live the five-star life – only a little imagination. Go on, use this guide to go luxe.

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