Indian Semi-Open Kitchen Designs For Cooking, Chatting And Covering

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 8, 2024 | 6 mins read

Semi open kitchen design ideas

A semi-open kitchen has several benefits for Indian homeowners and our expert-approved designs show you how.

A semi-open kitchen serves as a middle-ground for those who seek the airy feeling of the modern open kitchen while also needing the privacy of the traditional closed Indian kitchen. With a semi-open kitchen design, you can get the best of both worlds. This type of kitchen follows a three-wall layout while the fourth non-existent wall offers a barricade in the form of a partition panel, breakfast counter or a translucent door. This setting allows you to organise kitchen affairs at your will, such as cooking without intrusion, working with good ventilation and lighting, keeping soiled utensils and mess away from public glare and entertaining guests without giving them wide access to the kitchen. Precisely why this is highly functional and practical. Check out these semi-open kitchen designs which work well in desi households.

Semi-Open Kitchen With Breakfast Counter

A G-shaped kitchen which usually includes a breakfast counter is one of the easiest ways to implement a semi-open kitchen design. This is apt for folks who prefer a modular island kitchen. The interesting concept of this design is that it features a raised dining counter and overhead cabinets throughout the countertop to restrict the view of the kitchen. Besides, the plethora of cabinets also allows you to keep any mess away from plain sight. Hence, this design is practical when you want to work in your kitchen and interact with guests seated at the counter. If you’re interested in similar G-shaped kitchen design ideas.

Semi-open kitchen in g-shape style features breakfast countertop
Semi-open G-shaped island kitchen

Modern Semi-Open Parallel Kitchen

Compact homes tend to opt for a parallel kitchen with an elongated countertop on one side and effective storage solutions on the other side. As this type of kitchen is usually narrow, it’s open on one side only. The constricted space offers less scope for multiple people to access the kitchen simultaneously, thus ensuring privacy. A major plus with this design is how the kitchen extends into the pantry through a door — a thoughtfully-designed space indeed. If you don’t have space for a pantry, this can even be a wall with in-built storage options. Either way, this semi-open design allows for optimal use of space. Explore more parallel modular kitchen designs.

Modern semi-open kitchen design in parallel shape
A parallel kitchen is a compact semi-open kitchen

Charming Foldable Glass Door Kitchen For A Balanced View

This design is a balanced solution for those who don’t want guests to feel unwelcome in any space of their home but wish to cook without being in the spotlight. A foldable glass door with a metal frame like wrought iron not only gives the kitchen a sophisticated look but is also like a front-row ticket to the proceedings. Keep the door closed or slightly open to give your guests a subtle hint to watch or communicate from the home gallery — your living room. Knowing how desi folks love to interact with one another, wouldn’t you agree that this is a wonderful choice for Indian homes looking for semi-open kitchen designs? For more kitchen door designs in glass, read this blog.

Semi-open kitchen ideas with foldable glass doors give a sophisticated look
A foldable glass door is a balanced solution
Looking to accentuate your modular kitchen?

Aesthetic Jali Divider For Semi-Open Kitchen Design

Go for a floor-to-ceiling MDF jali divider to bring an aesthetic partition wall for your kitchen — thus partially secluding it from another space. In this design, the divider renders a practical plan for a semi-open kitchen attached to the living room. Whether it’s preparing munchies for a movie night with friends or interacting with an unexpected guest, this set-up allows you to be involved with your guests from the confines of your kitchen. With ample drawers and cabinets, you can still manage to maintain an organised kitchen, especially if someone popped in for a quick refill. This design is a win-win for functionality and aesthetics. On that note, here are more uses of Jali work in your home.

Semi-open plan kitchen cum living room with jail divider
Jali divider for functionality and aesthetics

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A Half Glass Door For Restricted Kitchen View 

This is one of those Indian semi-open kitchen designs that blend the open and closed kitchen concepts well. This is typically seen in Kerala homes where the kitchen itself is designed with wood. The closed door supports the privacy of the hosts while the translucent glass on top allows them to take a sneak peek at guests. The viewing section, in some cases like the design below, can be a mix of frosting and patterned glass — giving guests also a quick peek into the kitchen.

Indian semi-open kitchen designs with translucent glass on a wooden door
A viewpoint in translucent glass on a wooden door

Sliding Glass Door For A Modern Semi-Open Kitchen

Here’s another semi-open kitchen design you’ll love, especially if you have a spacious outdoor area connected to the kitchen. Use a sliding door as seen here to allow the kitchen view but to restrict direct access. As with any other semi-open design in our cultural context, remember that the purpose is to limit access and not the view itself. And so, in order to handle a messy kitchen, it’s recommended to design the kitchen with adequate overhead and floor-level cabinets, concealed waste baskets, a spacious sink, and so on. Love the idea of sliding doors? Then here’s how you can use them for other spaces.

Modern semi-open kitchen with sliding glass door restricts direct access
Sliding glass door to curb kitchen access

Semi-Open Kitchen Design With Front-Facing Countertop

This design is similar to the G-shaped island kitchen. However, what’s different here is the placement of the cooktop. There are two benefits to this construction plan of a semi-open kitchen connected to the living room. Firstly, you get to catch in on the action in the living room. Secondly, guests would rather face you as you cook than talk to you while standing behind. This is ideal for those who prefer to engage with guests without them stepping inside the kitchen sanctuary. Another interesting detail — the chimney obscures the kitchen view for those in the hall. As with other modular kitchens from DesignCafe, the cabinets make complete use of available space for kitchen organisation.

Semi-open kitchen in g-shape features a front-facing countertop
A semi-open kitchen connected to the living room

We loved compiling these designs because each of these blends smart planning, fantastic aesthetics, optimal utility and comfort for hosts, and an inviting warmth for guests. We hope you love these too. And in case you want a design that’s a bit from here and a bit from there, our design team is game to explore that option too. All you have to do is talk to our team. Book your appointment here.

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