One Wall Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

One wall kitchen design ideas for your kitchen

We pray, we cook, we eat in this place and it’s called a kitchen. Today one wall kitchens are a thing. Find out how. Here is a list of designs for you.

There are specific kitchen rules that must be followed, whether it’s a large, small or one walled kitchen. 

If you dirty it, clean it 

if you open it, close it 

If spill, wipe it

If you cook, share it

If you empty it, fill it 

Simple, isn’t it? DesignCafe has come up with a new blog around the block this time it’s to do with one wall kitchen. 

An Olive Twist And White Brick One Wall Kitchen

Have you ever seen an olive green toned one wall kitchen? Well, here you are. If you love the look of the outback and the colour of eucalyptus leaves, this one wall kitchen is for you! Designed with a brick wall in white at the back is something you will enjoy. This one wall kitchen has an overhead railing screwed to the wall with hooks to place your pots and pans! Overhead glass cabinets and inbuilt oven storage sum this one wall kitchen up. 

One wall kitchen layout with this olive green toned cabinets against a white brick wall look of the outback.
A lovely olive green one wall kitchen against a brick wall brings the feel of the outback at home

What A Wonderful White One Wall Kitchen Design

If you love a squeaky clean kitchen in white, this single wall kitchen will help you have a clutter-free yet elegant looking space. This kitchen has an inbuilt storage unit for your microwave, that is great to save space. It’s got drawers so your cutlery can be neatly pushed away in place. Overhead cabinets are provided to store less used utensils. A space for your oven at the bottom is perfect for those who love to bake.

One wall kitchen with white cabinets against splash of grey tinge wall and marble backsplash look elegant
A gorgeous single-walled kitchen with a splash of grey tinge and marble backsplash
Multi functional kitchen design, perfect for compact homes

A Frosty Kitchen With A Pretty Patterned Backsplash

Like to go a little bold and eclectic? Check this one wall kitchen design out. It has a wall with a pretty floral tiled backsplash with overhead cabinets in bold blue. Frosty shutters and cabinets at the bottom in the colour of snow kind of reminds us of the Disney movie Frozen don’t you think?

Single wall kitchen in bold blue and white with a pretty floral tiled backsplash and cabinets look gorgeous.
A single wall kitchen in bold blue and white brings out a soothing effect while you cook away

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Go With Gold, It’s A Brilliant Combination

This single wall kitchen design comes across as an industrial kitchen with a pinch of gold. A beautiful single wall kitchen with gold finished cabinets and gold railings brings a sense of luxury amidst all the grey. This kitchen has an inbuilt bottle rack and space for an oven as well as a microwave. What more do you need?

Industrial single wall kitchen design with the sparkle of gold-finished cabinets and gold railings looks luxury
A industrial single wall kitchen with sparkles of gold finishes

A White And Woody Bonanza

If you love the concept of a single wall kitchen layout, then this kitchen with a combination of wood and a white wall might be just your kind. It is simple yet elegant with classic overhead cabinets in white and open shelves in wood. This single wall kitchen layout has a beautiful sleek white countertop against a white brick backsplash. There is room for fridge storage. A pair of pendant lights which warm up the place. 

White & woody one wall kitchen with island, brick backsplash, cabinets & pair of pendant light looks elegant.
An elegant kitchen with a brick backsplash and pendant lights that add a warm feel to the ambience

A Stoney Finish

If you like keeping things small but adore an island kitchen, then it’s time to take a look at Design Cafe’s one wall kitchen plan. With space for wicker baskets, this stone finished one wall kitchen design is perfect with earthy touches and a tall unit with space for an oven. Overhead cabinets in white laminate bring elegance into this one wall kitchen.

Adore small one wall kitchen with island, tall unit, stone finish backsplash, wicker baskets & overhead cabinets
A small one wall kitchen with island layout has earthy touches with space for storage

A Whole Wall Design

Want a single-wall kitchen design where all your cooking storing and baking happens against a one wall kitchen? Well, we have a solution. Take a look at this stunning one wall kitchen layout. With a variety of cabinets, drawers, shelves and railing there is no doubt for storage space at all.

White single wall kitchen layout with a variety of cabinets, drawers, shelves and railing looks clutter-free.
Now you can keep your kitchen clutter-free with this one wall kitchen layout
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Petite Brilliant Brown

Some people like petite things and love small style. This small one wall kitchen is for all you single ladies or men whole don’t think a large kitchen is a necessity, and a small one will do just fine. This small one wall kitchen comes in the shade of brilliant brown. This kitchen has space for a mini-fridge and open and has cabinets to store away your crockery. 

Shades of brilliant brown tiny one wall kitchen have space for a mini-fridge and cabinets to store crockery.
A small kitchen in the shade of brown with handles of silver adds slight bling to the mundane

A Snowy World

If you love white, and that is the only shade that will ever pop into your mind, then this one wall kitchen plan in white will leave you in awe. This kitchen comes with a sleek grey countertop and a white tiled backsplash. The cabinets, shelves and drawers are in white to with an effect of frosted glass.

One wall kitchen ideas with a dining table, sleek grey countertop and a white tiled backsplash look elegant.
A white kitchen that will remind you of winter with its elegant shade of white throughout

Natural Lit Yet A Bold Fit

This single wall kitchen design is for those who love bright, bold popping colours. This bold kitchen comes with a mosaic backsplash, beautiful window for natural light and ventilation along with overhead cabinets to keep away your favourite mugs and jugs.

One wall kitchen with a mosaic backsplash, beautiful window for natural light and ventilation look bold.
A well light bold kitchen with an overhead counter finished with blurred glass

This is what we at Design Cafe think are some of the best one wall kitchens for your home. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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