9 Stylish & Comfortable Sofa Chair Designs That Complement All Interiors

by Pallabi Bose | May 10, 2024 | 6 mins read

Sofa chair designs for relaxing

9 most trending sofa chair designs every interior designer adores!

When you look at your home’s seating arrangements, do you often feel something is missing? Or is there an odd space you are unsure how to fill? A single sofa chair, also known as an accent chair, might be the answer you are looking for.

This type of seat often acts as a finishing touch of your home decor journey or can play an integral part based on your use. You can use a pair of single-seat sofa chairs to forgo investing in an expensive full-size sofa or use one as an accent piece for decoration. But finding the right type of sofa chair can be extremely tricky. There are many options that tick all your boxes about things to consider in a sofa chair design- armchairs, loungers, swivels, chaises, rockers, accent chairs, and ottoman chairs, to name a few.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference about what matters to you the most—durability, style, comfort, or multifunctionality. These design-forward single sofa chair options may get your wheels spinning.

Cosy Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair for Your Home Theatre

If you hate getting your feet cold while watching a movie, it’s time to swap your chairs with a plush chaise lounger or two. Put up your feet and relax in the oversized, velvety soft chaise with long armrests that ensure you can even lie comfortably.

Two chaise lounge sofa chairs in a home theatre setting, inviting relaxation and comfort
Raise the standard of comfort a notch with a lounge sofa chair

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Glam Up with Art-Deco Style Sofa Chair Set

When sharp edges overpower your living room design, you know it is time to add some softness. The best way to do that is by infusing some interesting shapes. Take this flower-like green chair or the curved golden accent floor light, for instance. Not only are they adding a variety of styles, shapes, and colours to the space, but they are also a great way to welcome deluxe decor into your home.

Living room with flower-inspired green sofa chair set
Give your home a luxe vibe with a modern single sofa chair
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Add Curves in Your Living Room with Round Sofa Chair

This chair design made it to our list purely for its unique shape and simplicity. Made of faux leather, this single sofa chair is an excellent addition to this space below the grand staircase. A space tucked away from the usual humdrum of the living room to read your book or crochet.

Single sofa chair is beneath the living room's staircase for reading
Fill empty space with contemporary furniture

Victorian-Style Wooden Sofa Chair for Your Grand Parlour

No architectural element adds drama like a double-height room. The space’s magnificence deserves grand, awe-inspiring furniture that matches the overall vibe. That’s where Victorian-style wooden sofa chairs with matching three-seater sofas come into play. The stunning woodwork perfectly matches the room’s grandiosity, making it an instant conversation starter.

Victorian-style wooden sofa chairs with matching three-seater sofas come into play in the living room
Ornate chairs suit vintage themes better

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Spend Quality Time with Your Baby in High Back Sofa Chair

Motherhood is tough, but your baby grows up extremely fast. So, cherish this precious time with your baby comfortably in a high-wing armchair. It is the perfect chair for a nursery where you can nurse your baby and relax simultaneously. Accessorise it with a plush cushion to give your lower back some extra support.

High-back sofa chair in the nursing room, perfect for nursing and relaxing with your baby
Vibrant pink high-back sofa chair for nursery

Enjoy the Flexibility of Moving Around with a Swivel Sofa Chair

A rotating sofa chair combines utilitarian sophistication and decorative charm. This kind of sleek swivel chair helps square off this bedroom’s furniture layout and can easily rotate to face the opposite direction whenever you want to enjoy the outdoor views through those magnificent French doors.

Swivel sofa chair in bubblegum colour combines utilitarian sophistication and decorative charm
Bubblegum-coloured sofa perfectly vibes with the bedroom
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Elevate Relaxometre with a Recliner Sofa Chair

Having a recliner sofa chair in your home is almost every homeowner’s dream. Not only are they a prime example of ultimate comfort, they are status symbols as well. These are great if you want to enjoy a theatre-like experience from the comfort of your own home. Or, if you have a stylish bar cabinet, you can create a stunning hangout nook in your living room with reclining sofa chairs.

Brown recliner sofa chair provides a theatre-like experience from the comfort of your own home
Customise your old 2-seater into a relaxing recliner

Multipurpose, Smart Kids Sofa Chair Design

If your kids’ often have friends staying over for sleepovers, then this multipurpose single sofa is a must-have for their room. It has a folding mechanism that when in use can be opened up as a single bed and folded back as a sofa chair when not in use.

Multipurpose sofa chair design that opens up as a comfy single bed and folds back as a stylish chair
Modular sofa chair design for kids’ room

We hope these different single sofa chair designs have given you lots of food for thought to curate a comfy, stylish seating space in your home. If you need assistance picking or designing a customised modular single chair, don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with our designers. Check out our blog section for more unique accent chair design ideas or living room staples.

FAQs on Sofa Chair

1. Can sofa chairs be used as standalone pieces, or are they meant to be part of a set?

Yes, sofa chairs can indeed be used as standalone pieces in your home. When used as accent pieces, they often add uniqueness to a room. However, they can also be part of a set if you want a cosier look or need additional seating without disrupting the existing vibe.

2. How do I choose the right size of sofa chair for my space?

While choosing the size of a sofa chair, consider the size of the room and the design of existing furniture. Make sure it is not out of proportion to the space, allows easy movement, and compliments the vibe of your space.

3. Can sofa chairs be customised or upholstered to match existing furniture or decor?

Yes, sofa chairs can often be customised or upholstered to match existing furniture or decor. Many retailers and interior designers offer a range of fabric options for upholstery, so you can customise the perfect sofa chair according to your preference.

4. What are the considerations for selecting a sofa chair with regard to comfort and ergonomics?

Comfort and ergonomics are crucial considerations when selecting a sofa chair. Look for chairs with ample cushioning that promotes good posture, especially in the back and armrest. Pay attention to the depth and height of the back support to ensure you can sit on it comfortably for extended periods.

5. Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options available in sofa chair designs?

Yes, many eco-friendly and sustainable options are available in single sofa chair designs. Look for chairs made from FSC-certified wood, recycled materials, or organic upholstery. You can also find chairs manufactured using environment-friendly materials and non-toxic finishes.

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