Inspiring Pillar Decoration Ideas for Every Corner of Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | April 16, 2024 | 4 mins read

House pillar decoration ideas: colourful geometric patterns, hanging plants, and string lights

Enliven your space with our inspiring pillar decoration ideas for your home. 

From holding the weight of a home to becoming gorgeous decorative accents, pillars have come a long way in the home interior space. Beyond functioning structural elements, pillars also offer an excellent opportunity for creative decoration. In modern homes, pillars don’t need to be an eyesore made of brick and cement or just hold the fort and provide support. Whether you choose to have pillars installed in odd corners of your living room or on your sprawling terrace garden, the post below will help you explore what more you can do with these mighty beauties. These pillar decoration ideas for home will enhance the aesthetics of your space without stealing a wad from your wallet! 

Living Room Pillar Decoration 

Wondering how to make the most of your boring pillar? Get creative with crevices. A simple indent with potted plants and ambient lights is an effective and fail-proof hack to breathe life into mundane corners of your home. You can also swap plants with accent decor pieces for pillars within the home. For exterior pillars, don’t make crevices; instead, use the pillar as a support to grow climber plants. A pillar full of blooming bougainvillaea on the entrance is a sight. 

Living room pillar decoration adorned with ambient focus lights evoking luxury and sophistication
Using ambient focus lights for a luxe feel

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Pillar Decoration with Architectural Mouldings

Architectural mouldings are not old-school. Instead, these understated designs lend sophistication to your home. Transform plain pillars into striking focal points with a decorative trim or baseboard moulding to enhance the architectural appeal of your home. For outdoor pillars, opt for ornate capitals and bases to amp up the glam quotient of your home. 

Pillar decoration with modern architectural mouldings enhances home elegance
Wood & faux brick combination ushers a vintage vibe
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Arch Pillar Decoration Ideas

Go unique with arches! They look great anywhere in the home, but strategically placed pillar arches have a dramatic effect that will captivate everyone’s gaze. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, you can play with lighting to create a stunning arched entrance for your home. 

Arch pillars decorated with lights make for a stunning entrance
Strikingly bold white pillars make the entrance dramatic!

Creative Pillar Decoration in Living Room 

What if we said you can transform ordinary pillars into works of art with one-of-a-kind textured panels within them? Yes, from abstract geometric patterns to intricate motifs, you can infuse character to dull spaces in your home with any design that complements your personality. Even better, these artistic marvels double up as decorative pieces in your home without adding to the clutter.   

Geometric patterned pillar in the living room doubles as a creative divider and decorative piece
Use pillars for partitioning rooms

Simple Pillar Decor

Are all these design ideas getting a little too overwhelming for your taste? Well, this simple yet statement-worthy idea is sure to fit every minimalistic lover’s bill. Subtle cladding with wood, stone, or veneer can instantly elevate the look and feel of your home. 

Simple pillar decoration ideas: subtle cladding with wood instantly upgrades the ambience of any space
A bold colour is balanced by simple aesthetics

Our out-of-the-box pillar decoration ideas offer every homeowner the creative freedom to express their style while enhancing the beauty of their home. If you like things bold, go for architectural moulding with statement worthy figurines to match your glamorous vibe. For something more captivating yet minimal, simple veneer-covered pillars do the job just fine. Your home is truly your canvas to paint with ideas that both you and your loved ones enjoy. If you are still hesitant about decorating pillars in your home, reach out to us at DesignCafe and let us take care of the rest. 

FAQs on Pillar Decoration

1. How to decorate pillars in the house?

To decorate pillars in your house, try these ideas: 

  • Use greenery like potted plants or vines
  • Architectural mouldings 
  • Light fixtures

2. How to decorate a pillar in a bedroom?

A bedroom is your private sanctuary, and whether you decorate with a pillar will depend on your personal taste. However, a warm ambient string of fairy lights creates a cosy vibe, while a pillar with floor-to-ceiling mirrors has a more dramatic touch.  

3. How do you cover a room pillar?

One of the best ways to cover a room pillar is to use different materials, such as stone, veneer, wood panels, or even tiles, to mimic a statement structure within the home. 

4. Can I use the pillar to enhance the overall design of my living room?

Yes, pillars are more than support structures for your home. They serve as architectural statements that enhance the beauty of space when decorated to match the theme of your home. Elements like mouldings, artwork, frame pictures, and lighting fixtures can make a pillar the focal point in your room.

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