Pelmet Design Ideas for Beautiful Homes

by Juhi Advani | May 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Pelmet design ideas for your beautiful home

Hide away the imperfections with pelmet designs.

Interior design is much more than just adding colour to the walls or positioning the wardrobe; multiple minor details come into play to create a gorgeous home! One of these details is pelmets. Let’s find out more about these. Read on!

What is a Pelmet

A pelmet, also known as a cornice board, is a wooden frame, basic or decorative, placed above the window to cover the curtain rod and fixtures. Pelmets offer more than sophisticated decor for home interiors; they also provide insulation from both heat and cold. In India, the history of pelmets spans centuries, dating back to the era of Maharajas, when palaces were decorated with designs made from a variety of luxurious fabrics.

Curtain pelmet designs were primarily used by the affluent to hide away the imperfections in their homes. Today, they have evolved, offering sleek and modern designs for any home interior design. 

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Old fashioned pelmet design for a traditional look
An old-fashioned traditional pelmet design

Modern Pelmet Designs for Curtains

Unlike traditional pelmet designs, which are often large and made of luxurious fabrics and intricate embellishments like tassels and fringes, modern pelmet designs tend to be smaller, simpler, and minimalistic. Take a look at this contemporary design with clean-cut lines and a simple white colour that blends in with the walls. The floor-to-ceiling curtain perfectly suits the rest of this living room’s modern interiors

Modern pelmet design for curtains, which makes the room look wider
A wall-to-wall pelmet makes the room look wider

Classic Wooden Pelmet Designs 

Classic wooden pelmet designs celebrate the raw, rustic beauty of natural wood. Whether selecting for windows or doors, styles with wooden accents offer a sense of timeless charm and antiquity. Opt for rich, natural wood tones like oak, walnut, or cherry for an authentic touch, or explore more affordable wooden finishes for a budget-friendly option. Choose a sleek and minimalist wooden pelmet for a modern twist, or infuse tradition with intricately carved designs into your space. As simple as that!

Classic wooden pelmet design for the living room in brown colour
The brown pelmet offsets the blue elements of the living room

Simple Bay Window Pelmet Designs

Bay windows are an architectural win in themselves. When it comes to bay windows, pelmet designs offer both decorative and practical advantages. Firstly, they cover the curtain railing, offering a smooth, cohesive view. Secondly, due to their insulation abilities, pelmets help prevent heat loss during winters and reduce heat gain in summers—which is essential considering bay windows are specially designed to offer a cosy spot for relaxation by the window. 

Bay window pelmet design which keeps the room simple and balanced
The louvred doors need a simple pelmet to keep the room balanced

Decorative Fabric Pelmet Designs

Fabric pelmets are wooden frames upholstered in soft, luxurious fabric. These designs enhance the aesthetic appeal of the window and complement the curtains by using the same materials, creating a cohesive and glamorous look fit for royalty. For spacious homes that embrace grandeur in their interiors, windows and doors adorned with fabric pelmets add a touch of royalty. Whether you prefer velvet, silk or any other intricate patterns, the choice of styles is massive.  

Fabric pelmet design which looks decorative and royal
Fabric pelmets make the room look royal

Contemporary Curtain Pelmet Designs for Doors

Let your imagination run wild with pelmet designs in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Take a peek into this chic bedroom, boasting a breathtaking balcony framed by expansive glass doors designed with impressive boldness. These oversized beauties steal the spotlight, adding an element of drama that commands attention in the room. Pair them with sea-green curtains and bask in natural light, giving your bedroom the glow of a blushing bride on her wedding day.

Contemporary pelmet design for doors for a bold look
Bold and contemporary curtains soften the boyish vibe of the room


Are you inspired by any design yet? Pelmet designs may be the unsung heroes of interior design, but their impact is nothing short of profound. Despite their minor role, they hold the power to transform a home significantly. From subtly hiding the odd metal railings to providing much-needed insulation during hot summers, pelmets offer practicality and style.

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FAQs On Pelmet Designs

How do pelmets contribute to energy efficiency in a home?
Pelmets contribute to energy efficiency by preventing heat loss during cold weather and reducing heat gain during hot weather. They act as insulators by creating a barrier between the window and the room, thus helping to maintain a more stable indoor temperature. 

Do pelmets serve a functional purpose, or are they purely decorative?
Pelmets serve both functional and decorative purposes. Functionally, they hide curtain fixtures such as rods and tracks, providing a tidy appearance to windows. They also help improve insulation and regulate indoor temperatures. Decoratively, pelmets enhance the aesthetic appeal of windows and complement other interior design elements. 

What materials are commonly used in pelmet designs?
Common materials used in pelmet designs include wood, plywood, fabric, metal, and upholstery materials such as foam and padding. Wooden pelmets offer a classic and timeless look, while fabric-covered pelmets provide softness and texture. 

Can pelmets be used in combination with sheer curtains or lightweight fabrics?
Yes, pelmets can be combined with sheer curtains or lightweight fabrics. In fact, combining pelmets with sheer curtains or lightweight fabrics can create a beautiful and elegant window treatment. 

How do pelmets impact natural light in a room when used with window treatments?
When used with window treatments, pelmets can impact natural light in a room by controlling its diffusion and direction. Pelmets mounted above curtains or blinds help block light from entering the top of the window, reducing glare and preventing unwanted light leakage. This allows for better light control and privacy while still allowing sufficient natural light to illuminate the room.

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