Mustard Yellow Color Paint For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | February 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Mustard yellow color paint for your home

Today we bring you suggestions for how you can add the colour of summer mustard yellow to your home! 

Mustard yellow is arguably the perfect shade of yellow some might say its marigold yellow another mango yellow. But to laymen, they are all in the same spectrum and the perceived hue of this yellow changes depending on the lighting and time of day. Sitting somewhere between yellow and orange mustard yellow is a great colour to bring in vibrance to your home. One can say it is a mature colour that still has a playful side. What takes this colour to the next level is when it’s paired with a second colour to bring in balance to your interiors. In this article, we will explore a few ways you can use mustard yellow in your home.

Mustard Yellow Chairs And Sofas

Mustard yellow on the upholstery of your sofas and chairs is a great way to tame this sometimes overpowering colour in your home. It works well on walls with light colours such as white, greys, beige etc. or on walls with dark contrasting colours like emerald green or turquoise blue 

Mustard yellow chair and sofas that works well with light colour walls
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Mustard Yellow Painted Furniture

If you are someone who likes to bring vintage furniture to the 21st century, try painting an old cupboard or cabinet in mustard yellow and show it off as a centrepiece. This works well for eclectic styles or even for a minimal style by keeping the rest of the interiors clean and clutter-free.

Mustard yellow colour painted cupboard or cabinet that works well for eclectic styles

Mustard Yellow Tiles For Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are a must in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. They are durable, easy to clean and don’t fade with time. Mustard yellow tiles come in a variety of patterns in combinations with white, black, and grey. When used in a kitchen backsplash they bring a sense of cheeriness and folly. They work well in children’s bathrooms by making it playful and fun for your young ones. Bath time will never be boring again.

Mustard yellow ceramic tiles for your kitchen or bathroom to add cheeriness and folly

Mustard Yellow Painted Walls

Painting a wall in your bedroom or living room a vivid shade of mustard yellow is a great way of making a statement. This works well if you keep the rest of the interiors plain and simple as it will focus all the attention to the wall. A point to remember is not to paint a wall that will receive a lot of sunlight as this will flood your interiors with bright yellow hues reflected from the wall.  Top it off with a minimalist style painting.

Mustard yellow painted wall and minimalistic furniture is great way of making a statement

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Mustard Yellow Wallpapers

Another viable option to brighten up your space with mustard yellow is to use wallpapers. They are a great way of keeping the design nice and classy. They also come in endless varieties, patterns and textures to choose from. Using wallpapers will render your interiors a premium look and a professional fit and finish.

Mustard yellow wallpaper on the wall brings a premium look and a professional fit and finish.
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Mustard Yellow Exteriors

What a warm welcome! Isn’t it? Give your front door a refreshing makeover with a splash of mustard yellow, an ochre paint colour to brighten your home’s entrance. A navy exterior with a mustard yellow door here creates a cohesive look and makes space look inviting. If you don’t have a front porch or a garden to yourself as you live in an apartment don’t be sad. You can still paint your front door in a bright mustard colour paint, however, ensure that you add mustard in your living room as well to bind the look.

Mustard yellow colour on front door to brighten your home's entrance

Mustard Yellow Home Office

Now that we are all locked indoors with work from home as the new norm we have all created a small home office for ourselves! Be it a huge study room, a cubicle or a tiny study unit, all of us have a dedicated spot to work peacefully. We all know that a study or work area requires an active environment where there’s no scope to be dull hence a bright colour palette is a must while designing a study or home office. And there’s no brighter colour than a stroke of mustard yellow! Here, this stunning colour is used for the seatings and niches to bring a pop of colour.

Mustard yellow home office which bring a pop of colour to the space

Mustard Yellow In Kitchen Built-Ins And Niches

A rich coat of mustard yellow helps to create a cosy yet attractive kitchen space. However, if you fear that it might get too much to take in, try a popping mustard yellow on the base cabinets or built-ins like the drop down dining table here in this kitchen. And choose a neutral colour like white and creams for the overhead or the remaining cabinets, and on the walls. This addition will bring the much needed pop of colour in an otherwise dull kitchen. If you fancy an even less of an impact just add little hints of mustard yellow throughout your kitchen accessories, like dishes, kitchen equipment, barstools, or mats.

Musturd yellow colour in kitchen built-ins and niches for creating a cosy yet attractive kitchen space

And that’s it for today! We hope these suggestions made you fall in love with this incredibly inviting colour called mustard yellow!

Happy Decorating!

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