8 Astonishing Staircase Design Ideas For Your Duplex Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 12, 2024 | 7 mins read

Duplex house staircase design ideas for Indian homes

Add some panache to your home interiors with these jaw-dropping duplex staircase designs.

A modern duplex home deserves a modern staircase design. A well-designed duplex staircase amps up your living room interiors and gives a luxurious touch to your home. But if not appropriately designed, a staircase can look bulky and take up a lot of space in your lying area. Here we bring you some intelligently designed staircases that look sleek and can help you alleviate the functionality and aesthetics of your super luxury duplex home. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with some trendy and modern staircase designs. These duplex staircase designs are ideal for Indian homes and will urge you to add one to your dream home.

1. A Marble Staircase With Glass Panel And Ample Storage Space

Glass panels give your home a clean, spacious look and are lighter to the eye. The marble staircase matches the floor and adds a luxurious look to your home. The space beneath the stairs is intelligently used for storage. You can use this space to keep all your cushions, bedsheets, and curtains clutter-free. This is perfect for you if you are looking for a functional and space-saving duplex stair design. A statue of Buddha and some potted indoor plants add to the serenity of the space, while the stone-cladding accent wall gives an earthy tone to the entire living room.

Duplex staircase with marble features glass panels that create a clean and spacious appearance
Marbled staircase design with glass panel is a perfect combination to lend a luxurious look to your living room.
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2. An Iron Spiral Staircase Perfect For Your Classy And Sleek Living Room

The black iron staircase adds a striking contrast to your living area and brings out the bold side of you. This spiral staircase is placed at the corner of your room, making the living room look spacious and clutter-free. Try using muted wall paints to make the stairs stand out and be the focal point of your room. You can opt for wooden flooring to add to the beauty of the space. This duplex staircase design perfectly blends traditional and modern interior design in your living space.

Black Iron spiral staircase for duplex house creates a bold statement
A traditional iron staircase design to create a bold statement in your living room

3. A Concrete Staircase For Your Industrial-style Duplex Home

If an edgy industrial-style living room is what you are looking for, you will fall in love with this led-lit concrete staircase design for your duplex house. Concrete is easy to maintain and comparatively less expensive. It adds the rustic look that is essential for an uber-cool industrial style. You can opt for brick cladding and hang some paintings on the staircase wall. The flush mount ceiling lamps and a sputnik light illuminate the space beautifully and add to the interiors’ industrial style. If the concrete ceiling looks dull, you can accessorise it with some led striped lighting. The marble flooring adds grandeur to the space and cuts the monotony beautifully.

Concrete stairs design for industrial-style duplex house
A bold and beautiful industrial-style duplex house staircase design.

4. A Chic Wooden Floating Staircase Design 

Floating staircase is gaining a lot of popularity in Indian homes. These take up less space and give a clean and spacious look. This help to remove the visual obstruction and lends a subtle industrial look. If appropriately designed, the Cantilever stairs are usually fixed on one side of the wall, and the other is left floating. If this design is too intriguing, opt for suspended railings on the other side. This design gives an impression of floating on one side, which adds a quirky yet artful dimension to your living room. Floating stairs lend an edginess to your home and are perfect if you want some sleek design in your duplex staircase.

Duplex house stairs with a wooden floating is a popular staircase design for duplex
If edginess is your style, choose a floating staircase design for your duplex house.

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5. A Scandinavian Style Staircase With Metal Mesh

Want your living room interior to look a little unique and stylish? Add mesh on the underside of your duplex staircase design. A metal mesh sheet will make your staircase more sturdy and durable while adding an edgy look to your Scandinavian-style living room. Scandinavian-style home interior is all about keeping your design simple and clean. So opt for some oak finish furniture to match the wooden steps. You can use white tiles flooring for your room to look spacious and airy. Add some potted plants to stitch the look beautiful while adding freshness to your home.

Scandinavian-style duplex steps design with metal mesh makes it sturdy and durable while adding an edgy look
A Scandinavian style duplex step design with mesh
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6. A Wooden Staircase With Hidden Storage 

Pull-out drawers beneath the stairs are excellent for adding extra storage space to your duplex house. You can use these drawers to keep your shoes, cleaning essentials and day-to-day necessary items organised. These are incredibly functional and will make your home look uncluttered. If you want to add some extra storage space to your home, this duplex staircase design is perfect for small Indian homes as well.

Duplex house staircase made of wood with hidden storage
A duplex staircase design with hidden storage for small and compact homes

7. An Elegant And Classy Glass Staircase Design

Glass staircases can bring a luxurious vibe to your home. They are transparent and reflect light magnificently. It adds a graceful impact to your home decor while giving it a classy, delicate look. The white walls might look a little fragile and prone to cracking, but with new technology in the field of home interiors, designers prefer working with toughened glass that is tempered and laminated. These glasses are strong and can hold weight. So now you can design your home with these sparkling glass stairs without worrying about breakage or accident. You can try all-glass stairs and railings or combine wooden or natural stone steps with glass railings as per your taste.

Spiral glass staircase for duplex house
Add glass to your duplex staircase design to lend a stately aura.

8. A Heritage Inspired Duplex Staircase Design with Intricate Grooves On The Railing

Give your modern home a traditional twist with a heritage-inspired duplex stair idea. The ethnic wooden stairs with vintage-style railings add a timeless vibe to your living room. You can add floor carpet on the steps for a cosy and comforting look. It will also help you avoid unwanted accidents, especially if you have kids and pets at home. As shown in the picture, you can either go with some textured wallpaper or an authentic brick wall for duplex staircase wall designs. Add some paintings or wall decor to amp up the space. A black stoned flooring and some elaborate lighting options can also be used to add to the drama. This design perfectly integrates traditional and modern interior design for your home.

Duplex staircase has a heritage-inspired design featuring intricately grooved railings
A heritage-inspired duplex staircase design to sparkle your home with vintage charm.

Our expert designers thoughtfully curate these staircase designs so you can lay your hands on some of the best duplex staircase designs for your home. They are not just beautiful to the eyes but come with intelligent use of space, so your living room looks clean and clutter-free without eating up much of your floor space. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as we enjoyed curating it for you. If you want to design your duplex home with these stylish stairs and want expert advice for your home interiors, book a consultation with our designers now. They will help you turn your home into a luxurious paradise. And for more such exciting home interior ideas, do check our blog and guide section.

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