Which Colour Is Best For Hall As Per Vastu?

by Pooja Dara | February 25, 2024 | 4 mins read

Which colour is best for hall blends in well with the rest of the house

A hall is the most important place in your home as it’s the first space people notice. Make it look inviting and mood-enhancing by using Vastu-compliant colour(s) for its walls, furniture and furnishings. Read more to find out. 

Your hall is the ‘face’ of your home and it is the first thing that your visitors lay eyes on when they step in. Therefore, you need to ensure that it makes a lasting and positive first impression. 

Add to this, the colour element of Vastu and you’ll be able to benefit from it long-term in terms of good health, prosperity, successful career and relationships as well. Isn’t it great?  

A hallway is also considered as a functional space as it acts as a room connector and as an extra utilitarian/display area too. This is a space that you can easily convert to a mini library or home office. Here are a few blogs/guides that can help you smartly and effectively design your hall’s interiors. Moving on, now let’s get into the crux of this blog.

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Which Colour Paint Is The Best For A Hall According To Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra principles, each direction or room of the house has a specific colour attached to it, and each colour has its own physical and mental benefits for its homeowners. A general rule of thumb here is to avoid dark colours as they make the hall look even smaller and give it a muted feel. In brief, some suitable Vastu colours for each direction of the house are:

  • North → Light Green, Green 
  • East → Light Blue, White
  • West → White, Blue 
  • South → Yellow, Light Red
  • North-East → Light Blue (IDEAL LOCATION FOR HALL)
  • North-West → White, Light Grey, Cream (IDEAL LOCATION FOR HALL)
  • South-East → Silver, Light Pink, Light Orange
  • South-West → Light Brown, Beige, Cream, Peach, Mud Colour 

Speaking specifically for your hall, these are the best colours according to the principles of Vastu:

  • Green → Green is a great choice for the hall/hall and living room combo as it stands for healing, creation, nature, growth and prosperity. It is also soothing and known to reduce stress and anxiety as it mimics natural elements. 
  • White → White signifies a sense of cleanliness, privacy and simplicity. It also represents intimacy and freshness making it the perfect choice for your hall that’s a hub of conversations and social gatherings. 
  • Light Red → Light red signifies energy, comfort, warmth, action and vibrance so you can use this colour for the hall. It looks bold, represents passion and also makes the occupant feel more energised.
  • Yellow → Yellow represents power, self-esteem, purity, communication and optimism. It is also a bright and fun colour for the hall and is recommended for those going through a tough time. 
  • Blue → Blue gives out a calm and pleasing vibe. It signifies emotion, beauty and truth. It also helps in healing anxiety and pain and gives you beachy and breezy vibes, hence it is the perfect choice for the hall. 
  • Light Brown → Light brown adds a splash of elegance and sophistication to the hall and it represents tranquillity, wisdom, comfort, stability in life and inner peace. It is also the most common colour used for the hall.  
  • Beige → Beige brings positivity and relaxation into the hall. It signifies stability, warmth and also acts as a perfect backdrop for your elegant and colourful home decor. 

That’s all there is! Hope this blog has provided you with some useful information on colours that are best suited for your hall to make it more Vastu-compliant. So, hurry up, experiment with our recommended colour combinations and make your hall leave a lasting first impression on your friends and family. Good luck!
If you’re still confused regarding the same, get in touch with our interior design experts at Design Cafe and they’ll gladly guide you through this process.

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