7 Royal Texture Paint Designs For Hall Walls

by Juhi Advani | June 7, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wall texture design for the hall adds depth and visual interest

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Royal texture paint designs for halls are an excellent choice for upgrading home interiors. Painting alone can completely transform a space into a stylish sanctuary, but when combined with textures, they can make a world of difference! 

Texture paints are decorative paints that provide a textured, also called ‘not uniform’ finish, on your walls. They offer effects like sandy, grainy, or patterned paint. A core advantage of textured paint is its ability to hide minor imperfections, such as cracks and holes in the wall. Let’s explore nine trendy wall texture designs for hall area!

1. 3D Royal Texture Paint Designs for Hall 

This living room features a stunning pastel 3D textured wall that complements the super sleek TV unit with push-to-open drawers. This hall texture paint technique is designed to mimic the appearance of draped fabric or curtains on the wall with clean lines, creating a soft and classy visual effect.

3D royal texture paint designs for the hall complement the super sleek TV unit
Subtle texture that makes a huge difference to aesthetics

2. Smooth Wall Texture Design for Hall

Do you want to make your walls stand out but don’t want them to go too overboard? Opt for a smooth wall texture design for hall! They are subtle yet dramatic. This living room features an interesting hall texture paint in grey that perfectly complements the wooden TV unit. The accent floating shelf extends into a breakfast table. Talk about multifunction interiors! 

Grey smooth wall texture design for hall interior
You can choose a smooth wall texture design and still hit a design high

3. Sand Texture Paint Designs for Hall 

A sand-textured paint or a sand finish paint has a deep texture because of its composition, which is a mix of paint and sand particles. This unique texture paint design is commonly used on ceilings and interior walls for an earthy appearance. It is preferred for its old-school look but is finding its way into contemporary homes with an industrial or modern vibe.  Check out this stunning living room featuring a stunning texture paint that brings out a cool, luxurious feel, complementing the neutral tones of the interiors.  

Sand texture paint designs for the hall for an earthy appearance
Evoke earthiness with the use of sand texture
What to liven up your home with trendy wall finishes

4. Main Hall Texture Paint Designs for Living Room With Knockdown Technique

If you love showcasing contemporary interiors, your search for the modern texture paint designs for hall ends with a slap-brush knockdown technique. The texture is created by applying a joint compound and then flattening it with a trowel, resulting in a mottled appearance. This stunning modern living room features an accent wall defined by its raised texture peaks that are then ‘knocked down’ to create unique visual appeal. 

Modern slap-brush knockdown texture paint design for living room interior
The minimalist decor highlights the accent wall

5. Metallic Texture Paint Designs for Hall 2024

A metallic wall design can give your home a glamorous look. Imagine entering your home where the natural light reflects off the walls, making them shimmery and shiny! It is like reigniting the palace vibe, where light and mirrors set the mood. While metallic paint textures can be expensive, given their unique composition, they will surely style up your halls! 

Metallic texture paint design for Hall 2024 adds a glamorous touch to the space
Add glamour with paint

6. Brick Wall for Modern Texture Paint Designs for Hall 

Brick wall texture paint is an evergreen trend that creates a rustic-urban vibe. The concept mimics the raw brick wall but definitely appears neater and more elegant. You can keep it in natural red and brown tones or make it contemporarily relevant by painting the brick wall white or any other colour. 

Brick wall texture paint for the hall for a rustic-urban vibe
Brick textured wall paints look better than brick wallpapers

7. Hall Texture Paint Designs With Stone Veneer 

A stone veneer texture paint design can bring out your commitment to ecological concern with Elan. When combined with an earthy colour palette, its raw and natural stone texture can create stylish modern, traditional and contemporary homes. Check out this room with large windows that invite natural light. The flooring, walls, and furniture amplify the sustainable approach to home interiors. 

Stone veneer texture paint for the hall with earthy tones and ample natural light
A beautiful living room in beige

Texture paints add depth and personality to your walls, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. While outdoor spaces can handle bold textures, your interiors can benefit from an accent wall featuring a stylish texture paint design.

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FAQ On Texture Walls

1. What is texture wall paint?

Texture wall paint is a type of paint design that adds depth and dimension to walls, creating a visually interesting surface.

2. What paint is best for texture?

Acrylic or latex-based paints are best for texture as they are easy to work with, durable, and can be manipulated to create various textures.

3. Can textured paint be applied to all types of surfaces?

Textured paint can be applied to most surfaces, including drywall, plaster, wood, and concrete, but surface preparation is crucial for the best results.

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