Viral Shah’s Lively, Spacious 3BHK Home In Mumbai

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 30, 2024 | 5 mins read

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Take a tour of Viral Shah’s 3BHK home in Mumbai and celebrate the joy of bringing to life the homeowner’s dreams for his house

Project Name: The Primordial Home, Kemps Corner

Location: Mumbai

Designer: Jyoti Goswami

Spacious homes let you move around freely, think clearly and utilise the available space perfectly. And that was the design goal for Viral Shah’s beautiful 3BHK home. Located at Kemps Corner, the house is naturally blessed with an amazing view of Marine Drive. Viral wanted his place to preserve the appeal of the view and take advantage of it with open design plans and minimal furniture. Thus, Design Cafe’s team of best residential interior designers in Mumbai envisioned an uncluttered layout where the family with a toddler can live freely. Our designers went with the less-is-more approach to create an open space home but with contemporary furniture and solutions to make life easy and convenient. The place is an ideal example of new-age Indian homes with no unnecessary decorations and over-the-top furniture choices!

So come, let’s take a walkthrough of this wonderful 3BHK home of the family curated by the best home interior designer in Mumbai.

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A Classic Living Room Designed To Be Minimalistic

The Shah family likes to keep things simple and organised. So, Design Cafe’s best residential interior designers in Mumbai came up with this clutter-free, spacious living room design with only the most essential furniture choices. The room comes with a floating TV unit (to place an entertainment unit in the future) with handleless storage cabinets in a white-laminated finish. The place is given a traditional twist with a classic, high-arm sofa set in velvet. This sofa set adds a vintage feel to the area, keeping things simple but interesting. There’s a three-tiered rectangular centre table that blends well with the rest of the furniture pieces. The overall colour scheme of the room is white for the ceiling and the marble flooring. However, a splash of liveliness is added to the monochrome set-up with a pastel pink accent wall. The large window in the living room keeps the place naturally lit during the day, and the ceiling lights are used to keep up the brightness during the evenings.

Best residential interior designers in mumbai designed this classic living room
The brown furniture and pink pastel accent wall are highlighted with a similar combination of curtains

A Sophisticated Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is a simple, soothing haven that is styled with modern furniture choices. There is a large wardrobe with both grey glossy and black matte finishes, which adds appeal to the bedroom set-up. The wardrobe also helps in keeping the place uncluttered and spacious. Design Cafe’s best home interior designer in Mumbai crafted a  bed with handleless storage cabinets on the side that have the same grey glossy finish as the wardrobe. The bed also has a tall headboard in a deep blue that provides a pop of colour in the room. The bedroom also comes with a floating shelf that’s perfect for displaying photos and artefacts. The view of Marine Drive visually connects the space to nature and boosts the naturally soothing interiors of the bedroom

A sophisticated master bedroom designed by best home interior designer in mumbai
We have used deep blue and grey curtains for the best interiors in Mumbai

A Peppy Children’s Bedroom

The Shah family wanted to be ready for when their toddler grew up. Therefore, they wanted their second bedroom to be a lively children’s bedroom that echoes positivity. The room is given a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in matte yellow that keeps the place bright and peppy. The wardrobe comes with extra storage cabinets on top, and with an attached open shelf that would be perfect for displaying books and toys. The space comes with a bed with storage drawers; it has a yellow laminated finish like the wardrobe. 

A children's bedroom with best interiors in mumbai
The bed has a wooden headboard in dark brown

A Somewhat Rustic-Looking Guest Bedroom

The third bedroom comes with an interesting combination of furniture finishes that give a unique look to the room. It has a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a rusty white wooden finish that acts as an accent design element in the room. The bed here comes with storage cabinets with the same rustic white wooden finish as the wardrobe. The bed also has a headboard in a rich red colour that brings a touch of luxury to the Mumbai flat’s interior design. On the side of the bed, there’s a simple dressing unit. 

Mumbai flats interior design with rustic looking guest bedroom
Similar to the rest of the bedrooms, this one too follows a spacious, clutter-free design

A Shiny Modular Parallel Kitchen

The Shah Family’s 3BHK home has a unique and bright parallel kitchen. Design Cafe went with its signature contemporary kitchen storage solutions to keep the place neat and organised. There are glossy finish storage units on both sides of the kitchen that add ample storage space as well as keep the place bright. The kitchen also comes with extra modular storage cabinets with a granite finish that help in easy cleaning of the kitchen. 

A shiny modular kitchen by best residential interior designers in mumbai
To keep the place warm and well-lit, the ceiling lights here are white

Overall, Viral’s haven is a contemporary home with modern and minimal furniture choices that make the place spacious and airy — great for the couple to enjoy and safe for the toddler to play around — creating what is the best interiors in Mumbai. If you are looking for such simple home interior solutions, get in touch with our best residential interior designers in Mumbai today!

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