5 Bollywood Celebrity Home Interiors And Tips To Recreate Them

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 28, 2024 | 7 mins read

Live like the stars with celebrity home interiors

Reimagine your place with our special celebrity home interior tips.

Have you been flipping through magazine pictures and awwing at celebrity home interiors? We hear you! We love our super stylish celebrities and their lavish lifestyles. You are not alone if you envy those amazing-looking houses. But did you know that you too can create similar interiors in your home? Don’t believe us? Well, first try us! 

Here are five amazing Bollywood celebrity home interiors that are not only great looking but also ideal to recreate. So, bring out your writing pads and pens because we are about to unveil the tricks and tips of recreating the magic from five of our favourite Bollywood celebrity home interiors!

Sonam Kapoor’s Artistic Abode In London

You cannot deny Sonam Kapoor’s outstanding fashion taste. And just like her wardrobe, she is very specific about her home interiors too. Sonam and Anand Ahuja’s drawing room from their London home is a glimpse of the couple’s love for art and is a grand example of a tasteful celebrity home interior.

The drawing room reveals a unique mix of Indian and international art that coincides to create a space where every inch will inspire creativity. From gorgeous colours to handpicked furniture pieces, this drawing room is certainly one of the most thoughtful interior designs we have come across. 

You can recreate this incredibly artistic and celebrity take on home interiors with the following tips.

Experiment with colours: As you can see, colours play an integral role in this drawing room’s interiors. Hence, choose a mix of colours, specifically jewel tones, to recreate the vibrant vibe of this place. 

Go for selective furniture: Include a velvet upholstered sofa in a bold colour and accessorise the seating arrangement around it. Go for bright colour pouffes, copper finish antique coffee tables and define the area with a decorative carpet. 

Choose art on the walls: Instead of plain colours, go for large-sized art paintings to dominate the walls. Infuse the artistic appeal around the room with small elements such as Indian traditional showpieces, floor lamps and wall sconces.

Celeb Home Image Source

Radhika Apte’s Serenely Soothing Haven In Mumbai

Like her movie characters, Radhika Apte’s Mumbai house reveals an unconventional difference from regular celebrity home interiors but is still undeniably gorgeous. What used to be a balcony is transformed into a quiet space where Radhika loves to read, chill or have tea.

This open space is now a bedroom or restroom where everything looks cosy and comfortable. The wooden bed with an old-style turned leg design, a mini charpai, a wooden book rack with brick red-tiled flooring and a handwoven rug create an exquisitely serene space. 

Here are a few tips to recreate Radhika’s homely space in your house.

Mind the flooring: Recreate this calming bedroom space in your home with earthy coloured flooring. Go for wood or brick red tiles. 

Include low height furniture: Invest in simple and old-style low height beds, charpai, floor pillows or Japanese-style uyoyous for seating. 

Go for handmade items: Recreate the homely vibe of Radhika’s place with handmade rugs, pillow covers or DIY planters. This will accentuate the simpleness of the interior setup. 

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Priyanka Chopra’s Sleek And Modern Beverly Hills Home

Everything PC does is stylish. And so is her house. As the first home for Priyanka and Nick Jonas after their wedding, this place reveals everything that is posh and elegant. Although reportedly the couple no longer lives in this house, we couldn’t help adding it to our list of favourite Indian celebrity home interiors.

In a lavish spot in Beverly Hills, LA, Priyanka’s home reveals a sophisticated interior setup. While the entire house is a visual treat, we particularly couldn’t take our eyes off the exceptionally simple yet expressive dining room. Wrapped in a lot of wonderful woodwork, the dining table sits in the middle of the room with sleek and comfortable dining chairs. The open dining space is accessorised minimally with oversized wall art and an elegant centre light. 

Tips to recreate PC’s classy dining room in your home.

Less is more: Lose everything that you don’t require and follow a super minimalistic design theme with an emphasis on modern wooden furniture. 

Bring in the light: Set up your sleek, wooden dining table beside a large window so that the space remains illuminated throughout the day. 

Invest in refined interior elements: Handpick artwork for the wall and complement it with a contemporary centre light so that the dining setup remains the focus of the interiors. 

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Parineeti Chopra’s Young Hearted, Quirky Mumbai Home

Parineeti Chopra’s sea-facing home in Mumbai is fun, quirky and everything that makes a kickass celebrity’s home interiors. Revealing a mix of bold colours and textures with gorgeous design elements, it’s a place that is out and out millennial.

We particularly loved her living area which features a mix of eclectic elements joined together to create a fun, non-mundane living space. With white brick cladding walls and wide glass around, the living space looks very creative. It has an elegant blue couch with a pair of white ottoman stools and a black leather sofa. The room also shows a pop of red that ties everything together. A gorgeous abstract wall painting lends it an artistic look.

Three ideas to recreate Parineeti’s happening living space.

Choose different furniture: Going with a single couch set is traditional. However, to recreate Parineeti’s fun living space, choose a mix of furniture items with different colour tones. 

Maintain a pop of colour: Just like the red used in this living room, create a pop of bold colour to tie the place together. If red isn’t your colour, go for blue or yellow!

Flaunt your collectables: You can accessorise a place like this with your collectable items such as antique lamps and showpieces. 

Celeb Home Image Source 

Hrithik Roshan’s Living Room Corner In His Aamchi Mumbai Home

Our Indian superhero Hrithik Roshan’s Mumbai house certainly made ripples in the sea of celebrity home interiors. Just like his personality, Hrithik’s house imbues a sense of unique style that is surely timeless. While we loved everything about his house, we brought you a corner from the superstar’s living space which is simple yet brilliant. 

The living space features gorgeous beige couches, propped with stylish dark cushions. The pair of couches are set facing each other with a low-lying wooden coffee table between them. The rest of the space is kept minimal with double floor rugs and a movable grid for his favourite photos. 

Here’s how you can recreate Hrithik’s living room corner.

Get light-coloured couches: Get a set of light-coloured low-lying couches and accessorise with cushions in a contrasting colour. You can add more couches if you want more seating areas. 

Don’t leave the walls bare: You can recreate Hrithik’s wall design with a simple DIY photo grid where you can display your favourite captures. Instead, you can also add photo frames to the wall directly.

Keep the green: The living space exhibits a refreshing green design. So, recreate this by adding a large indoor plant beside your couch. You can add some more indoor plants to emphasise the green elements. 

Celeb Home Image Source 

Looking at these Indian celebrity home interiors, we are sure you are inspired to reinvent your place too. We hope these tips help you recreate the above Bollywood celebrity home interiors. If you have a particular celebrity home that you love and want our help to recreate them, reach out to us.

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