Coastal Bedroom Design Ideas That Evoke Tranquillity

by Pooja Dara | February 12, 2024 | 4 mins read

Coastal bedroom ideas for your home

Coastal bedroom designs follow a laid-back and bright waterfront theme. So, even if you live away from the ocean, you can still incorporate the vibe into your living space. Read more to find out how. 

It doesn’t take much time and effort to convert your bedroom into a tranquil place and an impressive display of nature all at the same time. Put together the right kind of textures, colours, decor, upholstery and bedding to mimic the theme and you’re good to go. A coastal bedroom idea will perfectly fit the bill for you especially if you like neutral and open-spaced bedrooms with a not-so-overpowering attitude. 

These are some of the elements you can use for your coastal bedroom design:  

  • Area rug: Bright carpet, small/medium carpet, circular/rectangular carpet 
  • Colour palette: White, corals, smoky/soft blue, green, light/medium grey, yellow, bleached-wood tones
  • Lighting: Table lamps, capiz-shell chandeliers
  • Furniture: Multifunctional cabinets and drawers, funky chairs 
  • Decor: Antique pieces, photo frame feature wall, dimensional artwork 
  • Patterns: Horizontal lines, stripes, printed/textured wallpaper 
  • Textures: Linen, silk, hemp, grass cloth, wool, cotton, seagrass, jute, bamboo, rattan  
  • Layout: Minimalist, plenty of floor space, open plan format
  • Bedding and upholstery: Fluffy pillows and bright throws  

Now let’s dive into the best coastal bedroom design ideas that will help you achieve your in-home exotic retreat. 

Coastal Inspired Bedrooms With Green And Brown Colour Tones

This coastal bedroom design looks natural with the leaf-patterned wallpaper and the wide brown wooden bed frame. These earthy colours contrast well against the white bedroom walls. The circular, geometric-patterned rug adds visual interest to the space, the fan light mimics the sun rays while the photo frames act as a stunning coastal bedroom decor.

Coastal-inspired bedrooms with leaf-patterned wallpaper
Add some yellow to make your bedroom look warm
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Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

This coastal rustic bedroom looks simple yet gorgeous with the dark brown-toned cupboard and the grey bed with the medium-brown headrest. The boldness of these dark colours is seamlessly balanced by the softness of the off-white walls and the multi-coloured (read: coastal-coloured) canvas art.

Modern coastal bedroom ideas with brown cupboard and grey bed
Keep your coastal bedroom design clutter-free

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Coastal Bedroom Furniture For A Chic Look

The natural colour theme of this bedroom gives it a very light, subtle and airy feel. Coastal-inspired bedroom furniture – the green slipper chair and the white bed enveloped between dark green bed sheets and the large olive green area rug – has been used to accentuate the overall look. The industrial pendant lights act as a stunning focal point too.

Coastal chic bedroom furniture accentuates nature with the natural colour theme
Distressed wood is a must-have in a coastal bedroom

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Wall Art Ideas For A Modern Coastal Bedroom

If you’d like to add a powerful dose of coastal personality to a bedroom, design a gallery wall dedicated to water life. The artwork on the wall here sticks to the world map theme with the blue background texture giving a certain depth to it. Adorn your bedroom decor/bedding with bright colours so that it immediately transports you to the seaside.

Modern coastal bedroom with world map as wall art
Wide windows let you enjoy the wonderful outdoors

Coastal Colour Palettes For A Chic Bedroom Design

A coastal bedroom doesn’t necessarily need to have beach motifs. This large white bedroom with sea green-inspired curtains, furniture and decor lends a serene, majestic and calm energy to the space. This coastal bedroom design idea is a go-to option for young couples who prefer the minimalist (‘less is more’) approach.

Coastal chic bedroom with sea green-inspired curtains, furniture and decor lends a serene
Cosy up with quality fabrics and opulent bed linen
Want a bedroom that's modern and aesthetic

Print Ideas For Coastal Bedroom Decor

Doesn’t this coastal bedroom design idea look absolutely mesmerising? The dark grey accent wall with the unique artwork on it oozes an impressive nautical charm while the creative photo wall on the side brings in a hippie and natural vibe. The brown elements (furniture/flooring) in the bedroom tie the whole look together effortlessly.

Coastal bedroom decor brings nautical charm with creative photos on the wall
Avoid shiny finishes for a coastal-themed bedroom

Hope these amazing coastal bedroom design ideas have inspired you to transform your bedroom into an island retreat. Contact our team of interior designers at DesignCafe if you want some more guidance on the project.

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