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Make your modular kitchen design shine with these must-have accessories.

From clever storage devices to space-maximised layouts, modular kitchens are seeded in optimal function. And while you may already own an array of aesthetic accessories, there are some you may want to consider adding to your kitchen repertoire, to take your culinary experiments from good to great. Here’s our round-up of recommendations.

  1. Pull-up & sliding storage systems

When it comes to modular storage systems, it’s all about function first. Intelligently designed drawers and cabinets can be an invaluable addition to your kitchen storage scheme, especially as under-counter storage. Incorporate pull-up and sliding cabinets to avoid having to bend when scouring items at the back of your cupboards. Retractable storage mechanisms can give your kitchen a sleek look and allow you to spread your storage equally.

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  1. Vertical storage units

Splitting your storage into various shapes and styles is a great way to provision for wares in an assortment of sizes. Vertical units can be wonderful additions to your kitchen, perfect for storing large tins and tall bags. What’s more, these units can effectively masquerade as an ad-hoc pantry, and allow you to get nifty with your food storage. Their enclosed, slink-back design makes them ideal for keeping food protected from heat, bacteria and moisture.

  1. Pull-out cabinets

Pull-out storage is a win for any kitchen, saving your cabinet corners from becoming black holes. Pull-out cabinets typically have storage devices attached to their doors, so when you pull them open, your shelves slide out right along. These systems can be tailored to various widths and heights and can be used for an assortment of storage needs.

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  1. Drawer inserts

Do your drawers often look like they’ve been ravaged by a tornado from all the sliding back and forth? Organise them with drawer inserts! These dividing systems can act as precious partitions for your cutlery, ladles and more, giving your drawers a clean and tidy look. Also, if you house your crockery in your drawers, consider going for pegboard organisers to keep your plates from clattering. Drawer inserts come in various materials and finishes, including stainless steel and PVC.

  1. Corner devices

Your kitchen corners are often the most underused part of your cooking area. And for good reason. Home to a universe of unclaimed items, they can be back-breaking to navigate. With clever corner solutions like Lazy Susans and magic corners, you can reclaim your long-lost corners and create generous pockets of space. L-shaped drawers are another great option to consider!

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  1. Corner Sinks

Speaking of corners, stationing your sink in the corner of your kitchen can help zone your washing, cutting and cooking areas, and open out your floor. Plus, a corner sink can work as a striking accent and elevate your kitchen aesthetic.

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  1. Open shelving

Open shelving can push back your walls and conjure an illusion of a larger space. Also, by arranging items in the open, you can gain easy access to ingredients and appliances when you’re elbow-deep in dough. Well-organised open shelves can lend your kitchen an elegant look.

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You can never pack too much function into a modular kitchen, and making little accessory upgrades can serve as functional elixirs you never knew you needed. Give yourself a modular kitchen update with these easy ideas, and embrace the magic of modularity in all its glory.

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