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Here are 5 burning questions about interior design, asked and answered.

It’s unlikely that ‘interior design’ was an oft-discussed profession when you were growing up. It’s unlikely you’d even heard of it, much less your parents. Back then, most homes, while decorated tastefully, lacked the expertise of a professional designer. And understated furniture and pared-back decor were often all it took to conjure a family haven. Familiar comfort in a remarkably spartan shell.

Ring a bell?

Today, all these decades later, interior design is emerging as a coveted realm pursued by an increasing number of homeowners. And for good reason. As a singular art and science aimed at enhancing the aesthetics, ergonomics and environment of space, it is rooted equally in form and functionality. If you’ve been keen on hiring an interior designer for home, you likely have a few questions on your radar. This nifty guide has the answers.

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Question 1. What should I consider when choosing a designer?

It’s important to get up close and personal with each designer you shortlist. Get a look at their professional portfolio. Browsing before-and-after photos from a variety of projects can help lend a keyhole to each designer’s style and approach. Also, quiz your prospective designer about the aesthetics they specialise in, and lay down your budget so that you’re both on the same page. Some designers don’t take on projects below a specific monetary threshold, so you can clear the table in the early stages with just your budget in mind. Ask questions, offer ideas and gauge how well you synergise with each designer. After all, your interaction is bound to last at least a few months, and a harmonious relationship and healthy energy can lend to a more creative, more imaginative outcome.

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Question 2. What services can I expect from my home interior designers?

Expect your interior designer to helm your home interior project from start to finish. Before execution, you can look forward to a detailed presentation containing ideas, layouts, lighting designs, colour schemes and material palettes for your home, as well as a visual paradigm of the finished product. As you go along, your interior designer will research products within your budget, serve up general inspiration and involve you in major decisions like furniture selection, floor planning, window and wall treatment and accessory evaluation. Discuss the degree of involvement you’d like to keep. If you’re a hands-on person, you might want to sensitise your designer beforehand, so that your approach doesn’t come off as intrusive. Alternatively, if you’d like to hand over the reins of the project completely, let your designer know that too, so they can adopt autonomy while making major decisions.

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Question 3. Can I afford an interior designer?

Interior design is often perceived as a speciality reserved for the rich, but that’s not true at all. You can actually save money in the long with an interior designer. Home design professionals are well-connected to manufacturers, suppliers, architects and contractors, and have excellent access to trade discounts. Also, by having your interiors designed professionally, you can avoid expensive slip-ups that will cost you more, in the long run, to repair or restore.

Question 4. Is it a good idea to hire an interior designer for a small home?

An interior designers can offer valuable ideas and inspiration with respect to furnishings, colour and decor to optimise a small space – from cleverly placed mirrors and task lighting to zoned layouts and light-maximising palettes. Don’t let the size of your home determine its worth for interior design. Remember, small is beautiful.

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Question 5. How do I choose among the many interior design styles?

Contemplating the various aesthetics and styles of interior design can leave you in a perennial state of bamboozlement. That’s why it’s important to meet your interior designer with an open mind, without pigeonholing your expectations into a specific decor style. Share your likes and dislikes and present photos of spaces that appeal to you. Giving visual expression to your goals can help your designer weave an aesthetic tailored to your liking.

If you’re on your way to getting professional design help for your home, go ahead and bookmark this guide to help you along the way. With answers to these 5 questions, consider yourself halfway to the finish line.

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