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False Ceiling, Wall Panelling, Decor Accents, Lighting, Furnishing, Appliances
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Meet Our Designers

The magicians who transform and create space...

Boho chic, rustic, mediterranean, minimalist, modern, industrial, classic-contemporary, art deco, traditional – do you get lost with these terms? Or perhaps you know what you want, but don’t know how to get there?

That is why we have a team of 400+ designers to advise customers.

Best interior designers in Hyderabad for home interiors.

Meet Best Interior Designers in Hyderabad

Meet Our Designers

Best interior designers in Hyderabad for home interiors.
The magicians who transform and create space...

Boho chic, rustic, mediterranean, minimalist, modern, industrial, classic-contemporary, art deco, traditional – do you get lost with these terms? Or perhaps you know what you want, but don’t know how to get there?

That is why we have a team of 400+ designers to advise customers.

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FAQs on Home Interiors in Hyderabad

Design Cafe has an upstanding quality code, with award-winning, in-house interior designers, intelligent designs and functionality-first protocols. Our handpicked interior designers are among the crème de la crème of the industry, and our quality standards are mirrored in the slew of positive customer reviews on our Google and Facebook pages!
At Design Cafe, in addition to delivering end-to-end home interior solutions (design, execution, installation, handover), we also offer a matchless 10-year warranty to keep you shielded against inevitable wear and tear. Our service philosophy, coupled with our ethos of ensuring elevated customer experiences, has led us to being awarded the ‘Most Innovative Interior Design Company’ by Times Business Awards. Our projects are rooted in aesthetic designs, functional interiors and affordable packages.
Design Cafe’s home interior design services start from 3.5 Lacs. The cost of interior design will depend on various factors including the size of your apartment, materials and finishes you choose, designs you select. Every Design Cafe home is customised to the taste and budget of the customers. Talk to the designer to get the customised quote for your home.
Design Cafe provides the best interior design services in Hyderabad. It has hundreds of award winning interior designers. The quality of services provided by Design Cafe’s designers are inexpensive compared to the solutions provided at the competitive pricing.
At Design Cafe we have hundreds of designers, some of our top interior designers in Hyderabad are: Shikha Agarwal, Ajay Gajam, Anisha Nizampuram, Bhavana Yallapa, Daggupati Anil Kumar, Gangishetty Akhitha, Jatin Goel, Khaja Baseeruddin, Mrudula Penapati, R Santhoshi, Shalaka Gaikwad, Sampathirao Sairaju, Shaik Umar Farooq, Shiva Kishore.
Every interior design project is unique at Design Cafe. We customise each home to the customer's taste and budget. The pricing of interior design projects depends upon the size of your apartment, materials and finishes you choose and design selection. We have a software that we use to calculate the price of each project basis the design inputs.
Amidst all the modern glitz and glam, the interiors of Hyderabadi homes still love traditional designs. Even large apartments in the city are designed with antique accents, understated modern elements, decked up balconies and pooja units. A few common themes we see across homes in Hyderabad are: 1. A mix of traditional aesthetics and modern designs 2. Inclusion of royal elements such as false ceiling, premium lighting, copper inlays, wooden flooring and the like in the home's interiors 3. Homes are built and designed according to the principles of ancient science of space planning Vastu Shastra 4. Refreshing balcony setups to work and chill with smart storage options and a lot of indoor plants 5. Pooja units designed with jaali work and other intricate traditional detailing 6. Modular storage solutions for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes
The interior design cost for a 2BHK in Hyderabad depends on several factors including the overall design scheme, layout, choice of materials and finishes. For instance, a home designed with minimalistic style of interiors can cost ways less than a luxury styled 2BHK home. However, the starting range for 2BHK home's interiors in the city falls between Rs 5-7 lakhs. This price range will incude mostly minimalistic themes and will not include premum range of materials and finishes.
Hyderabad is the city where Indian tradition meets modernity. Hence, the city's architecture and interior design are a fusion of royality and modernity. One of the most popular interior designs in Hyderabad is modern interiors mixed with traditional design elements. For instance, in a Hyderabadi home, you will find the modular storage options paired with traditional Indian wooden furniture pieces. The city's interior design shows a beautiful balance between its earlier generation's traditional, opulent designs and the present generation's cutting edge modern aesthetics.
Low-cost interior design is often possible if you follow a strict budget for materials and finishes. You can also limit your interior cost with simple choices. For instance, instead of opting for premium or imported range of upholstry, materials, finishes, hardware and accessories you can go with locally available options that often cost less. You can also create a minimalistic interior setup to match your budget. Some tips for a low-cost interior design: 1. Use handicrafts and DIY decor 2. Polish and use your old furniture to make it look new 3. Go with a basic lighting and ceiling designs; avoid lavish detailing and designs for the fifth wall 4. Opt for modular storage solutions to save space and keep your designs minimal
Interior designers, in every city, provide an overall design for the internal layout of a space. They come up with design ideas that make a space functional and visually appealing. Here's a list of the common services most interior designers in Hyderabad will give you: 1. Colour scheme for different spaces of your home 2. Furniture design to go with the general design theme of the home's interiors 3. Lighting selection to make the space look well lit 4. Flooring options to select a floor design that blends well with the rest of the home interiors 5. Storage additions to make the house clutter-free and highly organised 6. Interior decoration to jazz up the place with relevant decor and accessories
As the city holds a beautiful balance between modernity and tradition the interior design of its homes exhibits the same. Hyderabadi homes reflect a fusion of modern designs with traditional aesthetics. However, there are several other types of interior design ideas that can match the vibrancy of Hyderabad. 1. Eclectic interior design to create a home design inspired by different regions/ cultures 2. Interior design with vintage-inspired setups with antique furniture and decor 3. A minimalistic design that exhibits modern, clean lines and light furnishings. 4. Modern interior design to utilise cutting edge modular interior solutions 5. Modern-century interior design to bring vivid colours, sleek furniture and indoor plants inside the house.