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A Modern Villa Designed In Adarsh Palm Retreat

Do you love big homes and always wanted a villa? Well then it’s time for you to check out this villa interior design done by Design Cafe. 

Residents:  A couple with their two sons. 

Location:  Adarsh Palm Retreat – Villa, Bangalore

Year Built: 2018

Size: 3,445 Square ft

Interior Designer:  Jessica Fernandis

Villa living room interior design for a modern luxury villa in Bangalore.

This home is designed to adapt to the contemporary living needs of new homeowners and to create an exciting new experience. To create a different dynamic, we at Design Cafe have made sure this villa interior design is both sleek and raw at the same time.

A Wonderful Villa Living Room Design

The front door opens its way into the living room that seamlessly extends to the dining area and kitchen. It’s a beautiful walk across with cream coloured marble floors and has an arch that stands so grand and tall to welcome you and your guests. 

The minute you open the door, you would want to be hypnotised by the modern villa interior design drawn towards the feeling of home sweet home.

We have decided to give this villa living room design a touch of the sky with midnight blue sofa sets—a splash of cream coloured paint on the walls for a classic look. This living room has a feature wall which stands out as a divider with a metal panel finish against a gritty textured wallpaper.

When it comes to lights, a beautiful chandelier has been used in the passageway to give a warm welcome, and simple focus and pendant lights have been used in the living area.

Villa house design or home design with foyer, entrance, passage way for a grand entry
Villa interior design for a modern villa with classic luxury living room with sofas and recliners.

Villa Kitchen Design

We have visually connected the kitchen and dining nook by extending the same colour palette of grey and white across the countertop, that adds to this unique villa interior.

Villa Kitchen design for a modern luxury villa interior design in bangalore images. Adarsh Palm retreat kitchen.
Modern villa interior design of the dining area and kitchen nook using latest villa interior decoration pictures.

Pooja Unit For The Villa

We all know that pooja and punaskar are a part of most of our sanskar. This pooja room is constructed on the ground floor, made from white marble with spiritual characters carved in within and warm lights placed behind to give it a glow.

Pooja room design for a villa project using white marble for luxury villa interior design. Adarsh Palm Retreat Pooja Room.

Let’s Get The Giggles And Good Times Going

This villa interior design equipped with a basement has been converted into an entertainment area with a portable bar and high bar chairs. The home theatre steals the show with bright blue lights to give a cinematic feel and rich velvet bean bags that compliment the comfortable recliner chairs. This home theatre adds a personal touch as it is equipped with the homeowner favourite set of speakers.

Interior design villa style for a basement in the luxury villa to create an entertainment area with portable bar and chairs. Adarsh Palm Retreat Club House.
Villa interior design with an ampitheatre - home theatre - movie room for a modern duplex villa interiors.

Brilliant Bedroom Bonanza

The villa bedroom design for a master bedroom has a gorgeous blend of blues and whites. With plain, patterned blue curtains and white bedspreads that match the headboard and side table, this is definitely an elegant masterpiece.

Villa bedroom design for a master bedroom in contemporary luxury villa room interiors style. Adarsh Palm Retreat Bedroom.

The Boys Kind Of Bedroom

The boys both have different tastes. One likes his room to be simple and prefers neutral shades of grey and white. The other likes to add a rustic touch with a textured backsplash. A study unit is integrated into the villa bedroom design to give minimum storage. The table end in a finish of white Duco paint makes it look exquisite.

This villa bedroom design adds a rustic touch with a textured backsplash and integrated with study unit.
This villa bedroom design is simple and neutral shades of grey and white with integrated study table.

A Slight Puff Of Powder Please

The powder room has a touch of rustic charm with slabs of timber neatly placed against the wall vitrified tiles beige tones are used for the flooring. That’s a wrap to the story of minimal home interiors for couple’s who love their space to be well organised and clutter-free.

Villa interior design for a powder room to bring a touch of rustic charm.

This villa interior has a walk-in wardrobe to organise and for clutter-free.

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Jessica Fernandis Interior designer at Design Cafe Bengaluru

Jessica Fernandis

Jessica Fernandis, Design Manager at Design Cafe is a trained interior designer from VasantRao Pothar with five years of experience. She specialises in creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, timeframes, and requirements.

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