8 Vastu Tips For Your Pooja Mandir’s Direction

As per Vastu, the best pooja mandir direction for your home is the northeast as it imbues the maximum solar energy.


Always place idols in the pooja mandir towards the west or northeast to attract money, prosperity, and happiness.


It is considered inauspicious to position the pooja mandir or idols towards the south as it can negatively affect your family’s well-being.


Make sure the doors of your pooja mandir open towards the east or north direction.


According to Vastu Shashtra, the pooja mandir must always be on the ground floor of a multi-storeyed home.


The diyas and lamps in the pooja mandir must face toward the southeast, east or north direction.


Always face towards the east or the north while praying to bring in positive vibes.


Important: Never place your pooja mandir near a bathroom or a shoe rack


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