Living Room Trends We Are Looking Forward To In 2023

Bright color palettE

Living rooms in 2023 will be filled with bold colours - be it furniture, paint, wallpaper, or upholstery.


Uplift your pastel living room with vibrant colour accessories, cushions, carpets, and other decor items.

Open layouts

Opt for open or semi-open layouts for your living room to give your compact home a spacious vibe.

vintage designs

Curved furniture and upholstery with traditional motifs will be in fashion this year.

A Traditional touch

Pair your living room sofa with an old-school wooden jhoola for an earthy countryside ambience.

trending wallpaper designs

Blooming florals and colourful nature-inspired prints add freshness to the living space.

A functional wfh corner

A smart workstation is now an essential part of modern living rooms for a comfortable WFH experience

foldable furniture

Multifunctional furniture units with space-saving features elevate the look and utility of the living room.

minimalistic storage solutions

Opt for compact and sleek living room furniture for an airy and fuss-free vibe.

Discover the most popular trends that can transform your living space and talk to trusted designers.