Smart Study Table Ideas

For Small Rooms


Install a wall-mounted desk that folds up against the wall when not in use, without taking up floor space.


Opt for a floating desk with built-in drawers underneath to keep essentials organised while minimising footprint.

Utilise corner space with an L-shaped or corner study table design, fitting neatly into the room's layout.


Incorporate a pull-out study table that allows you to hide the workspace when it's not needed.


Maximise productivity with a study table cum TV unit featuring a sliding door to keep unused areas hidden.


Opt for a foldable study table hidden within a wall storage unit, keeping the room clutter-free and minimalistic.


Integrate a study table within your wardrobe for a compact workstation, perfect for studio apartments.


Still nothing? Consider a simple slab of wood mounted on the wall to create a minimalist study table design.


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