Pooja Room Vastu

Create Harmony In Your Home

TIP #1

Set up your pooja room in the north-east, north, or east direction for best Vastu compliance. DesignCafe offers personalised home interiors tailored to your budget and style.

TIP #2

Choose a pyramid-shaped or gopura-like apex for your pooja unit to maintain a constant flow of positive energy.

Opt for serene and calming colours like white, light yellow, or light blue for the walls of your pooja room.

TIP #3

Ensure ample natural lighting in room, but if not available, use soft and warm artificial lighting.

TIP #4

Keep your pooja room clutter-free and clean at all times. This helps in maintaining positive energy!

TIP #5

Avoid placing electronic items like phones or laptops in your pooja room to maintain a distraction-free environment.

TIP #6

Place your pooja room away from washrooms and their adjoining walls for a ambiance conducive to spiritual practice.

TIP #7

Place religious texts, sandalwood, lamps, and other items in the south-east zone per Vastu Shastra.

TIP #8

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