Classy False Ceiling Designs For Bedroom That Make Heads Turn

Add stars to your bedroom, literally, with this POP false ceiling design! It’s unique, interesting, and creates the right amount of drama.

Wooden false ceiling creates a warm ambient setting and absorbs sound to prevent voice echo, making the bedroom soundproof.

Gypsum board comes in a variety of textures/colours and can glam up a bedroom with its smooth finish.

Use the false ceiling as a canvas to create a whimsical look for your kids’ room. Add hidden strip lights for a 3D look.

Create a tray design that is subtle yet elegant with clean straight lines and hidden lights to highlight the ceiling.

Floating ceilings make even a simple bedroom look high-end. It's created in a way that it appears to float mid-air and backlights make it look real-like.

An extended panel false ceiling creates a bold dramatic look. The false ceiling gets its charm by being symmetrical to the headboard.

Separate your bed from other spaces in the bedroom with this unique false ceiling design that distinguishes the bed from the study nook.

Create the illusion of an extended headboard and give it extra definition with wall moulding on the edges for a unique look.

Dreaming of such stylish and elegant false ceiling designs for your bedroom?

Dreaming of a sleek and stylish bedroom? Let's create something beautiful together!