8 Top Kitchen Colour

Combinations For Your Home


A royal kitchen colour combination of navy blue and white adds richness to your kitchen interiors.


Add the vibrant energy of yellow and red into your kitchen interiors, igniting warmth for an inviting culinary space.

Infuse a refreshing charm of lemony yellow cabinets paired with crisp white walls for a burst of morning energy.


Unleash drama in your kitchen with striking red and white tones, complemented by convenient dado storage.


Embrace a peaceful kitchen with soothing hues of sage green and white. DesignCafe offers personalised home interiors tailored to your budget and style.


Elevate your kitchen with sophisticated matte grey cabinets paired with stylish golden accented handles.


Bring earthiness into your kitchen design with a colour combination of light green paired with warm wooden accents.


Make a bold statement with pitch-black kitchen interiors, exuding modernity and uniqueness into your culinary adventures. 


Step into a kitchen featuring the classic duo of white and rich wood, inviting you to create your favourite recipes. 


Let's find the perfect kitchen design for your home!