8 Vastu Room Colours

For A Peaceful Home


Green represents nature and growth. Vastu recommends green for its ability to promote healing and relaxation.


Red symbolizes love. Vastu recommends red tones for couples to bring energy and warmth, fostering intimacy.

Blue brings peace! This room colour reduces stress and promotes restful sleep, perfect for a calming bedroom vibe.


Brown symbolizes stability. Use plywood for a trendy look, especially in southwest bedrooms for Vastu benefits.


White room colour brings peace and simplicity, suitable for all personalities. Add texture to walls for depth and interest.


Yellow brings cheerfulness and vitality, perfect for kids bedrooms or study areas, fostering a lively atmosphere.


Pink enhances love and harmony. Vastu suggests pink for its ability to create a gentle and nurturing atmosphere.


Grey offers sophistication. Vastu prefers grey for its ability to create a balanced and restful environment.


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