9 Study Room Designs

For Enhanced Productivity


This space features an oak study room extending into a bay window and bookshelf, ideal for work, study, and tea breaks.


This pastel bedroom with wardrobe study pull-out offers a space-saving workspace that blends into the room's design.

A modern study room design with a bookshelf offers extra workspace with an adjustable L-shaped desk.


A clever study room design idea: a study table that extends into low seating, doubling as storage as well!


A classic study room design with a floating desk with attached drawers, enhanced by a quirky accent wall.


A biophilic study room featuring a wooden desk, plants, and a soothing colour palette, fostering focus and peace.


A functional study room corner with a floating bookshelf, workstation, and a sleek glass partition for privacy.


A charming study room corner with an L-shaped green desk with drawers and complimented by a floral wallpaper.


A peaceful study room setup on the balcony with an attached bookshelf, keyboard pull-out, and rattan sofa.


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