9 Hall Interior Design Ideas

To Make A Lasting Impression


Create a first impression with a stylish foyer, featuring pendant lights and a striking yellow storage unit.


Define spaces within your hall interiors using modern partition designs, marrying style with privacy effortlessly

Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains in neutral tones to infuse your hall interiors with an air of elegance and spaciousness.


Upgrade your hall interior design with a storage ottoman with a removable wooden tray for added storage and style.


Create a cosy nook by designing a bay window with storage for your books, inviting relaxation and a love for reading.


Maximise your hall interior design by adding wooden rafters for a false ceiling, infusing architectural interest into the space.


Add warmth and texture to your hall floors with stylish rugs, anchoring the space and adding a touch of comfort.


Bring in a sleek TV unit with open shelves for a clutter-free look, plus DesignCafe offers 20% extra storage!


Use big and small planters to decorate empty wall spaces and add visual interest to your hall interiors.


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