8 Wall Design Ideas

For Stunning Home Interiors


Make way for interesting wall designs with wallpapers! They are easy, affordable, and look beautiful.


Opt for a classic wall design technique by incorporating wooden or decorative panels on the walls.

Highlight a specific wall with paint to create an accent wall for an affordable transformation.

Accent Wall! 

To elevate a simple wall, opt for textured paint designs like grainy, popcorn, or knockdown finishes.

Textured Paint!

Want easy maintenance? Adorn walls Moroccan, geometric, subway, or mosaic tiles for a stylish touch.


Incorporate exposed brick walls for a raw, rustic appeal. Perfect for a trendy, modern look.

The Brickwall Trend

Use decorative mirrors and strategic lighting to create an enchanting and bright space.

Mirrors & Lights

Adorn your walls with photo collages, stylish accessories, and repurposed decor. DesignCafe offers complete home interiors at 0% EMIs.

Wall Decor