8 Wall Colour Combinations

 Featuring Green


A peaceful bedroom with light green and soft ivory walls, featuring a bay window with sunlight streaming in.

IDEA #2 

Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in this minimalist sea green bathroom with simple decor, perfect for relaxation.

Enhance your family room with a unique light green textured accent wall and earthy brown flooring.


Transform your living room with military green walls and a sleek modern wooden TV unit.


Embrace biophilic design in your living room with a light green accent wall and a moss-framed biophilic feature.


Create a soothing ambiance in your bedroom with olive green and white décor, a versatile and calming choice.


Experience luxury in your dining room with a dark green accent wall that complements your décor effortlessly.


Discover elegance in your master bedroom with a green accent wall, wooden trimmings, and a sliding door wardrobe.


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