When designing your ideal home, let it be a reflection of who you are

When you are walking about on a cold winter’s night, and you pull on that snug glove or wear that favourite, comfy sweater—mmmm, so comfortable and perfect, right? That’s how a home designed to match your personality feels like each time you enter its warm embrace.

Home interior design is not just about designing beautiful homes or about making it as functional as possible; it’s also about getting a home that is perfectly CUSTOMISED to YOU with the classic interior design, in all your unique glory.

If you were to visit the home of a friend who is a talented artist and her house is devoid of colours and a modicum of creativity, you would feel a bit let down because you would have sub-consciously created a certain look of her home in your mind. Similarly, if you step into the house of a colleague who is known to be a perfectionist and tends to be fastidious about keeping his workspace in order, you expect his home to comprise of clean lines and uncluttered design.

modern living room interior 1

So, how can you ensure that your home interior design reflects the best side of your personality?

Ask a friend to describe you in three words

How would a friend describe you? If you are described as ‘Bold, honest and creative’ you have got the brief for the look of your home right there. An introvert might be happy in a cosy home, with a reading nook thrown in, while well-organised dining and kitchen, with long counter space, might work great for someone who loves to socialise.

When you visualise the design of your dream home, it also gives you the unexpected opportunity to go within your mind palace and understand your likes and dislikes, your comfort zone and aspirations and get to know yourself better. Who knew there were such advantages to designing your home!

Work closely with your design team

The more closely you interact with your design team, the more it will help them in decoding the style that matches best with your personality. Whether it is a pleasant palette of creams and dull golds or the rustic feel of wood and stone, a design that is soothing to your aesthetic sense will ensure that your home is your happy place.

living room interior 1

It is said that you should never lie to your doctor or lawyer. We would add on to that and say it’s also important that you are frank and open with your home design team!

Focus on the minutiae

The little things matter. Industrial style metal tubes in the ceilings of the house of an engineer or a full wall mural depicting an exotic destination in the home of a travel blogger not only makes a strong style statement but also stays completely true to the persona of the homeowner.

This does not mean that the broad design and the main layout, design and furniture do not matter. Those are very important and create the primary look of a home. It’s just that the accent pieces and finishing touches in décor are underestimated and can make the difference from ‘good’ to ‘wow’.

It pays to take risks

A home design that creates an impact should take some risks. A bland design or showcase design is safe in the sense that it will offend none but neither will it impress anyone, including you in the long run. When you pick a style that speaks to you, it might not match with the sensibility of a couple of people. But, you are creating your comfort zone—a place to retreat to or revel in as the mood demands, so shouldn’t the stage be appropriately all about you?

living room interiors design décor  ideas 1

Opting for wood when marble is the obvious choice or a textured wall when a plain one looks perfectly fine is what elevates your home to your own unique, personal signature.

So, get ready for a thrilling ride and watch the shell of brick and cement transform into a space that is as much an indispensable part of your life as your closest friends and family.